How To Earn Coins In Zepeto? [Two Different Ways]

How To Earn Coins In Zepeto

Zepeto is a social media that allows you to create a 3D avatar of yourself, which you can use in the app chatroom. By taking your picture from the gallery of your device, you can customize it. While customization, you can use the features available in the app. To unlock the special dance moves, clothes, etc. You need coins, and in this article, we will let you know how to earn coins in Zepeto.

By competing in the contests available in the app, you can earn coins with the help of which you can unlock the special features, for that to happen you should first learn how to earn coins in Zepeto. Below are the two methods with the help of which you can earn coins.

Ways To Earn Coins In Zepeto

With the Flying Zepeto mini-game

It is a casual mini-game which is a recreation of the old classic flappy bird game. In this game, you will control a box with your face, unlike the classic game in which a bird was used to play the game. However, just like the classic game, you have to keep your face in the air by tapping the screen and avoiding the obstacles. The greater the distance you travel more the coin you will manage to win.

With daily challenges

There are daily challenges available in the app, which allows you to complete several missions such as tutorials. You just have to follow the rules that will be provided to you in each case.

The above-mentioned ways are available in the app interface. And you can access them by tapping on the button available at the bottom left corner.

So, this article was all about how to earn coins in Zepeto. And now you will be able to purchase the required features to customize your avatar in the app.

How do you get free Gems in Zepeto?

To get free Gems you need to complete your missions in Zepeto.

Can you gift Gems in Zepeto?

Yes, you can gift Gems on Zepeto, open Zepeto, then tap on Home, then tap on Trend and then tap on Gifts.

How do you change your gender on Zepeto?

To change your gender on Zepeto, open Zepeto, tap on Profile, then tap on Add new character, then tap on My character, after that tap on Manage and then tap on Reset or Change Gender.