Similarities Between Desktop And Laptop [Complete Info]

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Most of your computer needs, such as preparing working documents, sending emails, and connecting to the internet, can be handled by both desktop and laptop. Since there are many similarities between desktop and laptop, so you can also view videos and photos depending upon the model and make of the desktops and laptops.

Similarities Between Desktop And Laptop

  • You can also do multitasking in laptop and desktop by visiting numerous web pages. And can open documents that you wish to read or work on.
  • You can also conduct video conference through video calling apps on both the devices.

There are many similarities between desktop and laptop from their make to access the internet world. Both laptop and desktop have the same basic components as mentioned below.

Similar basic components

  • Motherboard: Both contain the same motherboard, which is the main circuit board of the system on which other components essential for the working of the system are boarded.
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU): Both contain the central processing unit, which is also known as the central processor. It is the electronic circuit within the system and executes the instructions of the computer program.
  • Random Access Memory (RAM): Both contain the random access memory, which forms the computer memory and is used to store the machine code and working data.
  • Power Supply Unit (PSU): Both contain the power supply unit, which converts the AC current to regulated DC voltage required for the working of both the systems.
  • Operating System: Both require an operating system that manages the hardware and software service to computer programs.
  • Keyboard & mouse: Both require a keyboard and mouse to write and browse through the system and get the work done.

Like the essential hardware components, even similar software can work on both the units. Users can also play high definition computer games on both laptops as well as the desktop without any glitches if the right hardware like the processor and memory is installed in both the units. Similar entertainment apps & media players can be installed on both units.

Some differences

  • They both have the same basic components. It would be more expedient to refer to the differences. Everything else is the same.
  • Laptop parts are more miniaturized, in order to fit within a smaller space. This means they’re usually less powerful than a desktop component of the same price.
  • Laptops have the main battery, whereas most desktops do not.
  • Desktops are powered via a power supply unit, which runs on AC power. Laptops don’t have this unit, and instead are powered and charged via an AC adapter.
  • Other than that and a few quirky things about the internal design, everything is the same.

Above mentioned points show the similarities between desktop and laptop and their ability to work similar programs and browsing through the internet. But because of performance, there is a difference in the price of both the devices. Also, you’ll notice that business laptops are more expensive than consumer laptops.

Desktop or laptop both have become an essential part of our personal as well as professional life. So, selecting one as per your requirement is very hard.