What Is Elite TikTok? [Everything You Need To Know]

Elite TikTok

Tiktok is a social media network created for sharing videos that the users create, mostly including lip-syncing, dancing, acting on popular numbers, etc. Formerly known as musical.ly, it has become the latest rage amongst the youth and kids alike. People are creating videos to create different and unique content for people to enjoy and view.

Tiktok has also created a livelihood for many influencers, who post content on the app for a living. Even the older adults are not spared and it has become a chaotic trend, which sometimes becomes disturbing and annoying. Also, with the app being under the constant radar for violating the privacy of the users, the road ahead seems difficult for this Chinese based app. Lately, a unique trend, known as Elite Tiktok has been gaining attention. Started in April 2020, this trend seems to be catching on with more and more people. Let’s know more about this, shall we?

What does Elite TikTok mean?

Elite Tiktok is a distinctive part of the platform wherein no dancing or lip-syncing is involved. Rather, it has weird visuals, unexpected audios, and numerous inside jokes. It is also known as Alt Tiktok.

According to them, their videos are unique and more creative and consider themselves superior to others. Most of these accounts have been in use for quite a few months, but the trend increased in the last couple of weeks when people were bored and ran out of things due to the stay at home situation all over the world. New and new accounts are being made every day and are certainly becoming popular. The Elite TikTokers aim to create content that is humorous and funny, rather than just being attractive and glamorous.

Elite Tiktok is quite against the “Straight Tiktok”, which involve basic lip syncing, singing, and the usual stuff.

What is Retail Tiktok?

Retail Tiktok is a spin-off of the Elite Tiktok, where the brands have personality traits and come to life. They show behavior similar to humans like they get jealous of other brands, show off their status, and also have infatuations.

How to get into Elite TikTok?

A trend has created distinctive Tiktok groups: The Elite Tiktok and Straight Tiktok.

Elite Tiktok is a self-created group wherein these groups are trying to create more creative and innovative videos that are different from the usual ones. They also use humour and inside jokes, making them a distinctive platform.

The Elite Tiktokers are the ones who are indulging in a unique kind of content and to know whether you fit in this group, there is an Elite side of Tiktok Quiz. It consists of a list of questions based on your Tiktok routines and habits, which on answering honestly, will give you a tag of Elite Tiktok fan or a Straight Tiktok Fan.

Straight TikTok and Elite TikTok

The Elite TikTokers are supposed to be superiors to the straight ones. The Elite TikTok creators aim to make videos that have humour, sarcastic, and funny in numerous ways.

Comparing the Elite Tiktok and Straight Tiktok, Straight Tiktokers don’t like it when they are called Straight TikTokers as they detest the name. With the advent of elite Tiktok, straight Tiktok is considered more traditional and conventional, so much so that it is boring and annoying.

Elite Tiktokers seem to be at war with the Straight Tiktokers, as they mock the straight TikTokers, for even trying to enter their field. Focussing on humour, this group is in stark contrast to its counterpart and is gaining popularity day by day. It will be interesting to see what all this trend wave brings with it.

Are Elite Tiktok and Alt TikTok the same thing?

Urban Dictionary defines Elite TikTok as the total opposite of all that Straight Tiktok defines. It is more focussed on new content which is even more cringy. Alt Tiktok also has similar ideas for creating videos, and following non conventional methods and trends.

How to find if you are on the elite side of TikTok?

There isn’t any way to find this out as the App itself hasn’t defined the terms and its just a divide between people. But there are many quizzes that can be found online which help to give you your side and tell you whether you are elite tiktoker or not.

These quizzes are based on your Tiktok preferences and habits.  One should answer them without any partiality to know which side they belong. All this is hilarious as the app itself doesn’t define boundaries and people are playing divide and rule on their own. Alt TikTok or Elite TikTok is the new girl in the city, and only time will tell what its fate will be.

Elite Tiktok Quiz

Elite Tiktok quiz is a quiz that is available online. It has some questions based on your TikTok habits and gives results quickly. If you watch the Elite Tiktoker’s Content, you will be on the Alt side, or else you are of the Straight Tiktokers. The whole idea is quite absurd, but its gaining views and attention.

What questions are on Alt TikTok quiz Google forms?

  1. Fill in the blank. #free____2020
  2. When is the gummy bear album in stores???
  3. What is a Barb
  4. What member of the sm6band do we hate for no reason?
  5. Who will we never allow to join our cult?
  6. Fill in the blank. “xue hua piao ____ bei feng xiao xiao”
  7. Are step chickens on the straight or elite side of tik tok
  8. What is the elite side of tik tok’s names? Select all that apply
  9. here’s to ronnEIYe, anDARCHIEEE, and BETDYY, and _________
  10. There’s a lot of people in what country?
  11. finish the sentence: “chicken wing chicken wing…..”

Take Alt TikTok Quiz Now

Are you an Elite Tiktok?

Now that you have seen the quiz, take it and let us know which side you fall on. Once you are done with the quiz, do type in the comment box and tell us your results. Don’t be disappointed if you fall in the straight category as this is something which is not what defines you, rather another gimmick.

Tiktok has already created a buzz all over the world and India is not far behind. It may be a matter of some time that the Indian Tiktokers start chasing this trend as well.

But with the latest ban on Chinese apps, it will be interesting to see whether we will get to see any of the Tiktok content at all, let alone Elite TikTok ones. The journey seems difficult for the company and also the influencers on the app, as the ban may not be lifted and Tiktok won’t see any light of the day in the country. Influencers may have to stick to the alternatives available.