6 Best ES File Explorer Alternatives For You [2024]

Best ES File Explorer Alternatives

A good file manager is very important in today’s working world and there are lots and lots of file managers. And you are aware of the fact very well that ES File Explorer still remains at the top. You keep on using apps that offer affective features, easy to use and if it is free with no add on then it’s a bonus for you.

Recently, the developers have broken the chain of smoothness of the ES file explorer by adding UI which gives unwanted experience to the users. This feature pins the users with notifications to download some apps to lean unwanted files but this is only limited to a certain number of users. So, you might be looking for the best ES File Explorer alternatives that you can use.

List of best ES File Explorer Alternatives

1. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer is not free; you can get a trial for 14 days and then you have to go for a premium. It has all the basic features as well as all the important features which are very easy to use. This manager is more appropriate for the users because of the features like cloud account facility, recycle bin, dual-pane interface, Chromecast support, compressed files, music player, and a place to hide all your secret files and folders.

You have to spend some of your pocket money. Also, your file manager is also accompanied by three themes and several color schemes, custom icons, and built-in security.

2. Amaze File Manager

You can consider Amaze file manager as the best ES File explorer alternative because it’s free and really easy to use. But you can add some amount on GitHub if you want to. Besides this, if we talk about its features other than SMB file sharing, it is an app manager where you can get rid of unwanted apps. It also helps you with two directories to navigate very fast and easily. You may come across an option to view all your images, videos, audio files, etc. if you swipe from the left side.

3. FX File Explorer

If you are addicted to the interface of the ES File Explorer, then FX File Explorer is a good option for you. It also carries the same features. It has the ability to hide your files and folders with encryption. You can zoom your file according to your eye comfort. It can also open files in many formats and have the Simple material design of UI. This app also focusses on implementation with a cool split view interface. It is a free app but brings many functions by investing some amount of money.

4. Astro File Explorer

An app without Ads with all the features that runs smoothly is a blessing. Yes, you didn’t read anything wrong as with advance features like compressing files into the zip and RAR formats, you can sort your files according to your own way, backing up your files to your area.

5. File Commander

It is one of the best ES file explorer alternatives with 50 million users. The best thing is that it helps you to look into your space, how it has been covered. This app is free with some annoying Ads. It can also connect with other devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with the help of FTP/SFTP.

You just need to sign in to access your cloud files and you can do your work like upload, copy, move, delete, etc. And yes, you have to invest some money to get its extra features because this app is rich and you won’t even get to see annoying Ads and can use features like file categorization, network file sharing, USB OTG support, etc.

6. File Expert

File expert is also one of the best ES File Explorer alternatives with no investment. It can transfer files through Wi-Fi and FTP management. It has usual as well as new features. Some new advanced features of its own are safe, super downloader, memory manager, and wireless printer support. It has a simple interface just like ES File Explorer so it is very easy to use and handle. It has basic operations including thumbnails support, text viewer, search SD card and etc., you can also manage your files through FTP and HTTP.

What can I use instead of ES File Explorer?

The alternatives of ES File Explorer are Solid Explorer, Files by Google, MiXplorer, FX File Explorer, File Commander, etc.

Which is the best ES File Explorer?

File Manager is the best ES File Explorer with features like copy, cut, paste, compress, rename, transfer, download, etc.

Is ES File Explorer Chinese?

Yes, ES File Explorer is a Chinese Application.