TikTok Not Working With VPN In India After Government Ban

TikTok Not Working With VPN In India

You may be living under a rock if you don’t know about the latest ban. Indian Government banned Tiktok and 59 other apps of Chinese origin on Monday. After the announcement, internet service providers including Vodafone and Airtel started blocking access to such apps within the country. This means that even if you had the app installed, you won’t be able to use it. A question arose from this, why TikTok not working with VPN? So, let’s know everything about it.

TikTok Not Working With VPN

Virtual Private Networks or VPN have restricted the access to Tiktok in India. Many users have tweeted, explaining that VPN services such as Express VPN and Nord VPN do not have a loophole to access the app. To clarify, a VPN helps to hide your IP address and fool the internet into believing that the website is being accessed from some other country and allows to visit region-restricted websites in a secure and safer way.

Some of the users have reported that they cannot access the app using a VPN, whereas others claim that they are facing no issues in using the app. We tried accessing Tiktok from a secure VPN but to no results. But, we were able to access the Social Media platform through a web browser on our laptop using a VPN for TikTok.

Rumours rife that Tiktok has been blocked by the device IP address and device ID. This indicates that the app won’t work if your device had registered with Tiktok formerly, even if you mask your IP address. A way or a loophole for this would be to install the Tiktok app using a VPN after resetting or rebooting your device or a brand new one, as claimed by some people.

We will definitely give you an update on the same if we find something. Till then, let us know what you feel about this ban.