LG Rollable Phone Teased At CES 2021 Virtual Event

LG Rollable Phone

Under the Explorer project, LG is exploring the new smartphone designs. LG Wing is a beautiful fruit of exploration. LG has teased its new experiment – LG Rollable Phone at the CES 2021 presentation.

LG Rollable Phone

Last year at the LG Wing launch event, the company teased that it’s working on a new expandable screen smartphone. But back then the company didn’t give the name to the device. Now, it’s confirmed that the name of the expandable screen smartphone is the LG Rollable moniker. So, What will be the Rollable features and specifications?

LG Rollable smartphone is a completely different smartphone with an adjustable screen at the helm. At first, it will look like a standard glass smartphone, but with a touch of a button, the screen will expand horizontally. Hence, it will transform your smartphone into a tablet.

The LG rollable smartphone is quite similar to the Oppo X 2021 concept phone shared by the company last year. The foldable screen of the phone is wrapped up into the edges, and after the expansion, it provides a tablet experience to the user. But LG didn’t reveal the mechanism behind the expansion and unfurl of the foldable screen in the LG Rollable smartphone.

On a press note, LG said that “The LG Rollable phone will make its first appearance at CES 2021, with a brief demonstration of the foldable screen. It’s the second device under the LG Explorer Project, let’s see what this new resizable screen phone features will be”.

Users can learn more about the LG Rollable phone and its features at the official launch event in the next few months. The new smartphone will join the Oppo and TCL league who have shown the same prototype last year. Let’s see what kind of features and new technologies LG will offer with its new smartphone.

However, it will be quite challenging for the new device of LG to make its place in the market.

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