How To Find Nether Wart In Minecraft? [Easy Guide]

Find Nether Wart In Minecraft

Almost all the potions you brew in Minecraft can help you and your tools to get better and stronger for the end game. You can work on your armor and weapons to enhance your gameplay experience. But these godly powers can only be possessed if you have the Nether Warts. Let’s see how you can find Nether Wart in Minecraft.

This Wart is a fungus that can help you create all the potions. But finding this fungus can be a headache, especially if you are a new player. So, let’s dive deep to find out an easy and quick way.

Learn to find Nether Wart in Minecraft

Firstly, we will discuss some of the basics such as the uses of Nether Wart, where to find them, etc. Just in case you already know about all this, you can scroll to the information you really need.

What are Nether Warts?

As we said, the Nether wart is one of the fungi in the game. You can use it to brew potions like Awkward potion. This potion is necessary to create other important potions. So, the most need for this fungus is due to the potion brewing process. If you want to find it, you have to have a Nether Portal because this fungus only grows in the Nether Dimension.

The Nether Warts can only be found in two locations in the Nether Dimension. Piglin Remnant and Nether Fortress are the only two locations to get Nether Wart. You can get some from the chest you find in the Nether world randomly.

How to find Nether Wart in Minecraft?

Follow along the steps to quickly find your Nether Warts so you can brew some amazing spells.

  • Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft using Obsidian and flint and steel. Go into the portal to teleport to the Nether Dimension.
Create A Nether Portal
  • Then, roam around the Nether carefully to find brick-made structures. These could be either Nether Fortress or Piglin Remnant. They are not easy to find in the Nether dimension but some lucky players might find them nearby. With help of some Minecraft commands, you can boost the success rate.
Look For Brick Structures
  • Speaking of Nether Fortress, find a staircase because the garden of Nether Wart is only spawned near stairs. In the Piglin Remnant, try to find the long hollow hallways/courtyards. You just need to roam until you find a warts farm.
Go In Any One Of Them
  • For mining or collecting them, you can use any of the tools. It does not take much time. If you don’t find the stairs and the courtyard try looking for random chests around the locations. The chest can contain Nether Warts which you can use to grow more back home.
Search In Chests
  • To grow them near your home, bring some soul sand too. You only need soul sand and you can even grow them in the Nether World. Don’t use water to grow them, also bone meal is unusable on the Nether Warts.

Final Words

Hopefully, the steps have helped you find the Nether Warts and now you can use them to make your Minecraft life a bit easier. To make potions you will need to build the brewing stand. You can also find these stands in villages easily. Brew all the needed potions.

Remember, keep some Nether Warts safe for farming because if you use them all you will again have to travel to Nether Fortress and Pigline Remnant. Make a cute little farm in your home. Also, you can use warts to make fire resistance potions just in case you travel to the Nether Dimension a lot. Now, do you think you can find Nether Wart in Minecraft?

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