How To Get Honey In Minecraft From The Beehive?

Get Honey In Minecraft

In the Minecraft version 1.5 update, bees and honey were introduced. In this article, we’ve covered ways to get honey in Minecraft, ways to craft beehives, and ways to collect honeycombs.

Ways to get honey in Minecraft

Follow the below-given steps to get honey in Minecraft from the beehives.

  • By using four planks of wood, make a crafting table. You can use any kind of wood (crimson planks, oak planks, etc).
Make A Crafting Table
  • After placing the crafting table on the ground, bring up the 3×3 crafting grid by opening it.
Place The Crafting Table
  • Next in order to get honey in Minecraft, you need to craft a campfire. For that, you need 1 coal or charcoal, 3 sticks, and 3 logs or wood. Arrange the materials in a 3×3 crafting grid.
Craft A Campfire
  • Navigate to a beehive.
Locate A Beehive
  • Below the hive, place the campfire.
Place The Campfire
  • Wait till the beehive is full of honey and then check all sides of the block to see if there are golden pixels appearing on the sides.
Check All Sides Of Hive
  • Use an empty glass bottle depending upon the platform you’re playing on, on the beehive.
Use An Empty Glass Bottle

PC: Right-click then hold

Mobile: Tap and then hold the screen

Xbox: Press and hold LT

Nintendo: Press then hold ZL

PlayStation: Press then hold L2

(you can use shears to get honeycomb on a full bee nest)

By using the above-mentioned methods, you can easily get honey in Minecraft.

Ways to find bees in Minecraft

After finding out how to get honey in Minecraft, you might wonder where you can find bees. Naturally, bees can spawn in the following places:-

  • Plains
  • Forest
  • Flower forest
  • Sunflower plains
  • Wooded hills
  • Birch forest
  • Birch forest hills
  • Tall birch forests
  • Tall birch hills

Bees usually gather around bee nests and beehives. In order to find a beehive, watch the single bee you spot in the wild from distance and follow it to its home. From a bee spawn egg, you can spawn bees if you’re playing in creative mode. Bees do not appear in rain or at night.

In order to lure bees back to your garden, you can use a flower. When you hold a flower in your hands, bees start following you around and this fact could be easily used by you.

The benefits of bees in Minecraft

If you’re trying to create a garden then bees can be very useful to you since they carry pollen from flowers to the beehives to make honey and in the process, create new flowers by spreading the pollen.

If you’re planning on attacking a beehive or bee nest then make sure to start a campfire near the beehive or the bee nest to keep the bees calm otherwise be prepared to get stung by the bees which are present nearby you. The stings from the bees inflict the poison effects, though the bees die after stinging one time and don’t leave any spoils behind.

What can be done with honey and honeycombs?

Few uses that honey and honeycombs have are:-

  • Drinking honey can restore three units of hunger and discard poison effects.
  • Honeycombs can be used to craft beehives.
  • In order to make sugar, place one bottle of honey in the crafting grid.
  • In order to make a block of honey, place 4 bottles of honey in the crafting grid. Anything or anyone that touches the honey block gets slowed down.

Dispensers can be set up to automate the collection and bottle processing of honey.

What is needed to make a beehive?

Things Need To Make A Beehive

Beehive and bee nest might seem similar but they are not the same thing. The difference between a beehive and a bee nest is that a bee nest can be crafted by you. In order to craft a bee nest, you need to place three wood planks, be it crimson wood plank or oak wood plank, in the bottom row and the top row of the 3×3 crafting grid. Place three honeycombs in the intermediate row.

Ways to move a beehive in Minecraft

Now you know how to get honey in Minecraft, you can try knowing the ways to move a beehive in Minecraft. Follow the below given simple steps to safely transport beehives along with the bees inside.

  • Place a Pickaxe in the first box, using an anvil.
Place A Pickaxe
  • Place a silk touch enchantment inside the 2nd box.
Place A Silk Touch
  • Then, place the enchanted Pickaxe in the inventory.
Move The Enchanted Pickaxe
  • Close to the beehive, place a campfire.
Near Beehive Place The CampfireNear Beehive Place The Campfire
  • On the beehive, use the enchanted pickaxe.
Use The Enchanted Pickaxe
  • You can add the beehive block to your hot bar and place it in your garden or wherever after collecting it.
Collect The Beehive Block
Is Minecraft good for kids?

Yes, it is good for kids.

What age is appropriate for Minecraft?

Kids above 8 years old are appropriate for Minecraft.

Is Minecraft an educational game?

Yes, Minecraft is an educational game.