Samsung Tablet Won’t Turn On? [Know How to Fix]

Samsung Tablet Won't Turn On

Your Samsung tablet won’t turn on and you’re running out of patience? Then, this article is exactly for you. After much research, we have mentioned some easy ways to fix your Samsung tablet yourself in the comfort of your home. So, stop biting off your nails while worrying over why your Samsung tablet won’t turn on.

Fortunately, these fixes can work for almost all Samsung tablet models starting from Samsung Galaxy Tab 1,2,3,4,5,6, and every other one that comes in between.

Methods To Fix Samsung Tablet Won’t Turn On Issue

Here are some fixes you can try if your Samsung tablet won’t turn on.

1. Perform a reboot

One of the easiest and most probable ways to turn on your Samsung tablet is by performing a hard reboot. However, before you perform a hard reboot make sure that your tablet has been charged for at least 15 minutes.

After your tablet has been sufficiently charged, the reboot process can be initiated by you by pressing and holding the power button and volume down button together for at least 20–30 seconds.

If this does not work, you can also try rebooting by pressing and holding the power button along with the volume up button. This is performed when the volume rocker button stops working.

2. Your Samsung Tab charging port needs to be cleaned

Clean Charging Port

Another problem because of which your Samsung tablet won’t turn on might be that dirty charge port. And this problem can be simply fixed by cleaning it. Many times dirt, dust, debris, fluff, etc can get deposited inside your charging port making your tablet unable to pick up charge from the charging cable.

In order to get that dirt and debris out of your tablet’s charging port; use any tool with a narrow end such as a toothpick and try to pull out the unwanted filthy stuff. After cleaning your charge port, try charging your tablet once again and see if it’s turning on.

3. Charge the tablet for 4 hours and then try again

There’s quite a high probability of success by doing this method. Let your tablet charge for 4-5 hours undisturbed and it might get started when you try again.

For this method, you can try charging your Samsung tablet through a PowerPoint charger since many laptops and computers do not supply significant electricity for charging tablets.

4. Try different chargers and PowerPoint

If your Samsung tablet won’t turn on even after you have rebooted it and also charged it for about 4–5 hours, then you might need to try charging your tablet from another PowerPoint. You can try changing your charging cable in case the older one has stopped working and causing your tablet to stop turning on.

In addition, if you usually use a power board then it might have gotten overloaded resulting in your Samsung tablet not turning on.

5. Press the back of your Samsung tablet

This might sound a little unusual and weird but in many cases; it has been seen that this method has worked like a miracle. In this method, you need to press sturdily on the back of your tab for a time period of 1-2 minutes. This might work best if you focus more on top and bottom areas.

This usually works because the battery connectors are situated in this location which on getting mechanically disturbed can get loose. Though it is a strange method to fix your tablet, it is worth a try.

6. Check if your power adapter and cable are in good condition

Check The Condition Of Cable

Sometimes, even worn-out power adapters and charging cables can make your Samsung tablet not turn on. Therefore, it is worthwhile to inspect their conditions too if you’re not being able to fix your Samsung tablet by the above-given methods. Check if there are any frays, punctures, cuts, or exposed wires. If you can locate one, then the highest probability is that your cable has stopped working and stopped providing power to your Samsung tablet.

If a non-genuine Samsung cable is used; you need to keep in mind that these cheaper substitutes have many internal issues that are not visible by the naked eye. So, you might need to try replacing them with a genuine Samsung cable.

7. Taking it to a repair shop

If still, your Samsung tablet won’t turn on, you need to go to a Samsung repair shop. Professionals would certainly be able to handle whatever wrong is with your tablet and let you know quicker than you could ever find out yourself.

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