PUBG Mobile Updated Privacy Policy In India [Here’s Why]

PUBG Mobile Updated Privacy Policy In India

After the latest ruckus caused by the news of PUBG’s probability of getting added onto the list of banned Apps in India, there has been a lot of commotion along the way. Many PUBG lovers have now started asking questions and have been in two-minds; thinking what’s in store for them in the near future. Although, the latest news of PUBG Mobile updated privacy policy is doing rounds here.

After the recent ban of 59 Chinese Apps, PUBG has very much entered the list and the decision still remains under in-depth scrutiny and contemplation. So far so good, as there has been no solid news as to the ban of the gaming App, PUBG.

PUBG Mobile Updated Privacy Policy

Even though the App has not been slammed upon its face yet, Tencent seems to be playing it safe here. As per sources, the gaming developers have reportedly, PUBG Mobile updated Privacy Policy, especially in India.

According to the update, there has been a pop-up notification that appears right at the beginning of the game. This notification has a written message indicating the changes brought through the update to this App.

As per our understanding, this move is somewhat; in order to manipulate the upcoming decision, which will decide the fate of the App in the country. The policy delineates that PUBG will hold information of the users only inside the Indian borders; no information will be passed on elsewhere.

As of now, this witty move can put a halt to the decision-making process, but it is not known, how long will this play into effect. The Indian Government is scrutinizing 200 Apps and PUBG is just one such App among them. As of now, this is all we know and only time will tell us what is in store for PUBG.