Google Camera 7.4 Update [Find Out What’s New]

Google Camera 7.4 Update

Pixel phone users are in for a treat as Google ascends the Google Camera 7.4 update today. It allows users to switch video resolution from the quick settings drop menu and zoom 8x while recording videos on their Pixel 4 device making its benefits two-fold.

Google Camera 7.4 Update Features

In the earlier versions of the Google Camera app, switching resolution was always a struggle for the users as one needs to move from the viewfinder to access the camera settings to change it.

With the Google Camera 7.4 being introduced, the users of the google camera app are relieving, as they can easily access this resolution changing feature directly from the quick menu. Thus making it more user friendly.

Steps to Access the Feature

  • Swipe down on the video button to switch to the latest resolution in the quick settings menu.
  • Choose between Full-HD (1080p) and 4K (ultra-high resolution).

Note that the option to access ‘Frames/sec’ will only show if you choose the former, as Google Pixel supporting 4K@ 30fps is its standard feature. It is a known fact that it does not support 4K@ 60fps as an option for video recording, even though it may update the same in the future.

It means the 4K recording at 60fps is still absent in the new Google Camera 7.4 update. Instead, a new enhanced 8x zoom feature is added in the video recording menu of this new Google camera app.

Final Words

All of this combined Google camera 7.4 is a great package to take high-resolution pictures and videos in Google Pixel 4. And we know that all these matters a lot for a device equipped with a 2x telephoto lens.

If sources are to be believed, Google is preparing for the launch of the Pixel 4a and Pixel 5 in the coming time. There are rumors that these new phones are devoid of Snapdragon 865, to make a way for the 5G-enabled Snapdragon 765G microprocessors.

At the same time, Google tries to keep the phone range in the same brackets of medium pricing and Google Camera 7.4 as its key feature. Look out for these, as these are going to be a steal as compared to their counterparts in the market.