Why HackerRank Is So Hard? [Complete Information]

Why HackerRank Is So Hard

Programmers from all over the world visit HackerRank website to work on a wide range of problems relating to computer science domains such as machine learning, algorithms, artificial intelligence, etc. depending upon their expertise. But most programmers participating feel like why HackerRank is so hard.

Well, the view changes from person to person, and the below piece might shed light on your understanding.

Why HackerRank is so hard?

If, as a programmer, you are not keen on solving different kinds of problems, then you might find HackerRank hard. The website has various levels of difficulty; they are easy, intermediate, hard, expert, and advanced.

It is suggested that you pick up a language and initiate by accepting warmup challenges; which will give you a feel about the website and what you can expect from it.

Start from the beginning, like printing a string of conditions, loops, etc; and gradually increasing the difficulty level of the problems you want to solve. Keep on solving until it becomes easier for you and then increase the difficulty level.

Some of the challenges will be provided with specific materials that will help you understand the topic. If you are finding it complicated to understand the content, then research the topic on google, have a better grasp of the topic, and try to resolve it. The other method to fix the problem is to reduce its complexity.

Instead of thinking why HackerRank is so hard, it will be better you take it as a challenge for your wit and think about how you can solve the problems.

The more difficult and different types of challenges are attempted by you, the more knowledge will be gained by you. It will develop you overall as a programmer and make an expert in your chosen language.

Is HackerRank good for beginners?

Yes, it is good for beginners and it has a pretty good user interface.

Are HackerRank tests timed?

Yes, HackerRank tests start after you log in to the test. It also has a remaining time feature, so you can see the remaining time while attempting questions.

Are HackerRank certificates free?

If you pass the Hacker Rank Skills Certification Exam, you can get free certificates from HackerRank.