10 Best Discord Servers For Developers [Best Picks]

Today, we’ll talk about the best discord servers for developers. But before we begin, let’s know about Discord.

What is Discord?

Discord is basically a community-based application that allows users to connect with other people directly and have fun together. This platform was initially created for gamers but as it started growing, new people are regularly joining to empower their community.

Among all the communities, the one for developers’ is the most popular. There are many sub-communities too, included in this particular community. Though they all might differ as per their goals and interests.

List Of Best Discord Servers For Developers

Here, some of the best Discord servers for developers are being mentioned.

1. Programmer’s hangout

This one is probably the best and the biggest platform for programmers and developers. Developers from any experience level are welcome here. Together they can either work, have fun or share their experiences and knowledge.

Discord Link

2. Devcord

It is another top-rated server among the servers for developers. The users are claimed to be helpful and kind. This community is rated to be very fun; useful, and organized. It is also reported that it welcomes programmers from any experience level and treats them equally.

Discord Link

3. The Coding Den

This is another friendly community for developers that focuses on helping new ones to grow. Also, they claim to treat the developers and programmers of any level in the same way.

Discord Link

4. SpeakJS

SpeakJS is basically on JavaScript. 10,000 developers unitedly created this community for other programmers and developers. Here people can share their knowledge and experience along with learning from others while having fun.

Discord Link

5. CodeSupport

This is a server-dedicated community that allows users to receive help from each other. Almost 15,000 users stay active anytime you check out the server.

Discord Link

6. Reactiflux

Reactiflux is an active community for aspiring programmers and developers. This friendly community allows the users to share their experiences and help each other.

Discord Link

7. Lazy Developers

It is a global emote Discord server that lets you use global emotes in any server without any nitro. Currently, this community has 22,971 members with whom you are free to discuss code, memes, experiences, and whatnot.

Discord Link

8. TensorFlow

This community welcomes literally everyone. Experienced, beginners and even curious users are also welcomed to join this community. This is a great place to get live MOB sessions and other fun activities.

Discord Link

9. Programmer Humour

Programmer Humour lets the users chat and talk over calls and have fun. You can share your thoughts and knowledge over here with other people easily.

Discord Link

10. Python

Python is basically created for coding and programming only. The focus might be on a coding language, this community has 2,32,078 members.

Discord Link


So, these are the best Discord servers for developers according to us. There are so many servers and communities out there but these are the top picks and we hope that you’ll definitely like one of these mentioned above.

Do developers use Discord?

Yes, many developers use Discord to collaborate with one another.

Is it illegal to use Discord under 13?

Yes, it is illegal to use Discord if you are under 13 as per Discord’s Terms of service.

Who is the CEO of Discord?

Jason Citron is the CEO of Discord.

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