Google Duo Not Receiving Calls? [Know How To Fix]

Google Duo Not Receiving Calls Problem

Google Duo is one of the video/audio calling apps developed by Google that helps people to communicate with each other, and it is available for Android as well as iOS users. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has resulted in the ongoing lockdown, many people have been using the Google Duo app to communicate with their loved ones. Sometimes they face issues of Google Duo not receiving calls.

This article contains the various solutions for Google Duo not receiving calls problem, some of them are common fixes, try them, it should resolve the issue.

Fix Google Duo Not Receiving Calls

Try common fixes

Re-open the app

First of all, you can close all the apps functioning on your mobile devices and reopen the Google Duo app and see if it is working properly or not.

Download the latest version

Check if you have the latest version of the app; if not, then install it from the play store or App store.

Connect to Wi-Fi

If your device is connected to Wi-Fi instead of mobile data, check and make sure that the Wi-Fi is on.

  • On your Android device, open the device Settings > tap on Wi-Fi > Settings > Turn on keep Wi-Fi on during sleep.

If following the above common fixes, does not resolve the issue of Google Duo not receiving calls, you might need the following tips.

Turn on Duo notifications

The Duo notification needs to be turned on,. Ensure that the notifications are not blocked. To check that follow the below procedure:

In device settings:

  • Open the device settings > Go to App & notifications > Search for Duo and tap on it > App notifications option will be available, tap on it, and check that notifications are on.

In the App:

  • Open Duo > More > Notifications > Turn on Call notifications.

Turn off “Do Not Disturb” 

Ensure that the “Do Not Disturb” option is turned off in your device.

Check blocked numbers

Some numbers you might have blocked considering that they are spam calls. Make sure that the number you are calling is not on the block list. To check that follow the below procedure:

  • Open the Duo app on your device > More (Three vertical dots) > Go to Settings > Go to Blocked Numbers.
  • Go through the list and check if the number is blocked; if it is blocked, remove it from the list.

Avoid using “Force stop”

If you’ve used “Force stop” to stop the Duo app when it wasn’t working, you’ll need to re-open the app to get notifications from it.

  1. Go to your list of apps.
  2. Tap Duo to open.

Allow Duo to work in the background

Check that background data is on for Duo and Google Play services.

  • Open your device settings > Tap on Apps > search for Duo > Data usage > Turn on the background data option.
  • Similarly, follow the above steps for Google Play services.

Turn off “Battery Saver” mode

Sometimes when the device battery saver is on, it can block the notification from Google Duo, so it is better to turn off the battery saver mode your device.

By following these fixes you should be able to resolve Google Duo not receiving calls problem, and the app should work smoothly so that you can communicate with other people.

Why am I not getting my incoming calls?

There are many possible reasons like you left your phone on Airplane mode, or your phone’s “Do not disturb” mode is turned On, or you have enabled the Call forwarding feature, etc.

How do I receive a call on Google Duo?

Swipe Up on the call button to accept it and if you don’t want to receive the call Swipe Down to reject it.

How do I enable incoming calls on Google Duo?

To enable incoming calls on Google Duo, open Google Duo, then tap on More, then tap on Notifications and then Turn ON the Call Notifications.

Is Google Duo free for international calls?

Yes, Google Duo is free for International calls if you are having Internet Plan or Wi-Fi.

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