How Amazon Fire TV Stick Works? [Complete Info]

How Amazon Fire TV Stick Works

Amazon Fire TV stick is an amazing and worthy product to purchase, but you should know how Amazon Fire TV Stick works before purchasing it. So, Let’s explore in detail the functioning of the Fire TV stick.

What is the Amazon Fire TV stick?

Amazon Fire TV stick is all in one product, you can connect it to your TV’s HDMI port and unlock your access to subscription services like movies, games, music, videos, TV shows, and whatnot. Fire TV stick helps you to connect entertainment streaming technologies to your TV. What makes this product fascinating is that it is a portable device so you can carry unlimited entertainment with you.

How Amazon Fire TV Stick works?

First, connect your Fire TV stick to your TV’s HDMI port. Now, connect it with Wi-Fi and operate it with a remote that is connected with the help of Bluetooth.

The first step is to sign in and as soon as you are logged in you will get all the access to your music and videos of Amazon and if you have uploaded images on Amazon Cloud you can view that as well.

Now, you can add various other apps and services as per your requirement. You can watch youtube videos, it provides ESPN services for all the sports lovers, and various other genres can be experienced through HBO and Hulu services. This all will come at a cost and you can deny it at your will, this what makes Fire TV stick better than a regular cable package.

Why should one purchase an Amazon Fire TV stick?

We all love to binge-watch the web series and latest shows. Obviously, we all hate the interruptions, no one wants to break the link that we have created with the show. This is where the Fire TV stick will come in handy, you can carry this small packet of entertainment in your pocket. So now, there is no more disturbance between you and your favorite shows.

For Amazon Prime members, this Fire TV stick is more amazing. On the purchase itself, you will get to stream all the content available on Amazon Prime as well as you can watch the content of Amazon Originals which is not available for non-prime members.

When you unbox the delivery box of the Fire TV stick you will get a remote, 2 AAA batteries, a power adapter, HDMI extender, USB cable, and obviously the Fire TV stick itself with guidelines of how Amazon Fire TV Stick works.

Amazon Fire TV stick has a dedicated Videocore4 GPU, internal storage of 8 GB, 1 GB of RAM, and dual-band dual-antenna Wi-Fi. It also operates with voice support that makes it a complete product for entertainment.

Which is better: Fire TV Stick or Fire TV

Lots of people have doubts about the functioning of the Fire TV and Fire TV stick, as both are almost the same products by Amazon. Let us differentiate them and figure out which is better?


Fire TV Stick is almost small as a pen drive and you can carry it anywhere whereas Fire TV is almost five inches from each side. We can clearly say that Fire TV Stick has an advantage over Fire TV in terms of portability and space-occupying capacity.


Fire TV comes with 2 GB of RAM, making its functioning more quick and smooth. On the other hand, Fire TV Stick has half the memory of Fire TV that is 1 GB. So clearly, Fire TV is better than Fire TV Stick in this aspect.


By a fair margin, a Fire TV stick is more affordable than a Fire TV. The cost of a Fire TV Stick is around $40, while Fire TV is around $99.


If you want to experience 4K streaming then Fire TV is a better option. It also has 1080p resolution making it a way better option. Depending on the personal choice, you can choose Fire TV as it will provide you better 4k viewing experience too.

Extra Features

Fire TV will provide you better options like USB ports, expandable external storage options, and an Ethernet port. Whereas, Fire TV stick is not having any expansion abilities.

Final Words

By now you would have got to know how Amazon Fire TV Stick works. If you are the type of person who loves to binge-watch movies and TV shows, then this is a great buy for you.

Also, you can buy a gaming controller to improve your gaming experience or you can download the app to control the Fire Tv stick via your cell phone. Overall Amazon Fire TV Stick is a worthy purchase.

Can you watch normal TV with Amazon Fire Stick?

Yes, you can watch regular TV channels with Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Is Netflix free with Fire Stick?

No, Netflix is not free on Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Do you need Internet for Fire Stick?

To experience better entertainment, you should have a good internet connection. Fire TV stick doesn’t work without Internet.