How Tinder Algorithm Works? [Everything We Know]

How Tinder Algorithm Works

Just like other social media apps, dating apps also have the factor of the algorithm so that your profile reaches further and you get a perfect match. And so does the Tinder algorithm. It is something to be noticed, and you are supposed to know how Tinder algorithm works. But the point is whether the Tinder algorithm helps you to get a perfect match or makes you stay on the app.

How Tinder Algorithm Works?

It is mostly based on the type of partner you are looking for. You have to set preferences for this. Once you swipe right for a person, you will not get to see similar kinds of people again for the next few days. Now, this is surprising to people who have been using Tinder for a long time. As a result, if you get to find someone you were looking for, it is not because of how you have been searching that is most probably a coincidence.

A blog post on how Tinder algorithm works was released by Tinder and they themselves had posted that they do not keep track of anything related to the kind of person you have been looking for.

In simple words, any personality assessment is not conducted on the app. What you are liking or disliking makes the app create a potential match for you, and that is when you get to see certain people on the feed. This is how the Tinder algorithm works. Just like it looks at your works, it does the same with others and accordingly decides the stack of matches to be shown to different users.

Unfortunately, Tinder does not reveal its algorithm system. But it has been known that how much people like your posts and you do of others, is the way Tinder sends matches for you. This is the Elo Rating System. Keeping this aside, this is not how the Tinder algorithm works anymore. But if you have signed up for Tinder for the first time and have not swiped yet, then Tinder decides which are the most attractive profiles and shows those profiles to you.

Is the algorithm followed by Tinder really successful?

There is no such system by which one can know how the Tinder algorithm works successfully. Because the owners definitely have no idea about how many matches have really turned into a real relationship. There have been such instances where people went out for a date and have never met again, or even had a breakup too. So these things are not possible to be counted.

But if you think deeply, you will see millions of people using Tinder, chatting with their matches, and going out for a date too. And there is obviously nothing wrong with it. The only thing that the Tinder algorithm captures is when two people right-swipe each other. What happens next has been a mystery till date!

Lesser-known facts about Tinder from a Data Expert

Just because how Tinder algorithm works have been a mystery till date; a data expert had collected some data regarding Tinder and had made some conclusions based on that. Let’s see what those hacks are!

  • It’s better if you can use Tinder on Sundays, specifically during 9 P.M. This is mostly done to make your profile visible to more audiences.
  • Try your best to send musing texts and use complete words. Do not take the shortcut, which means do not try to use short forms.
  • If you feel like things are going well, ask for the person’s phone number or give a proposal to go out for a date between the 20th and 30th message.
  • Talk to your would-be partner (most probably, if things are in your favor) positively, or spread positive vibes. But do not be overly positive that seems to be really stupid.
  • Your first text matters the most. So try to send something interesting, other than the normal “Hi.. Hello… How are you?” Try to form something which has at least eight words and includes an emoji wherever it fits; and this seems to be a perfect blend of suggestions for a great entry.

In the end, you must remember that all these are just suggestions based on some survey that was done. More importantly, that survey was done by accessing data of a few users; which ultimately does not prove that these things are the only way to find the perfect match for you. There is no such predefined pattern. It is always recommended that you use the app carefully and create your own strategy of finding perfect matches. Just think that you have no idea about how Tinder algorithm works, and keep exploring more!

Is it advised to have faith in the Tinder algorithm?

Before getting into the real answer, just read the questions mentioned next and think of having some answers in your mind.

  • Can desires or human attraction be captured through data?
  • In case that something has been predicted through your behavior of using Tinder, will you accept all the choices shown to you?

If the answers are ‘NO”, then you already know that completely relying on something that has no valid point is pointless. Do not cage yourself thinking about how Tinder algorithm works. If you get a chance, keep going out on dates, and keep on talking to people. The first move is how two people are having a conversation. So strategize your own cyber moves!

What is a Shadowban on Tinder?

It is a kind of ban, when a person breaks Tinder’s community guidelines, he/she will get shadowbanned.

How long does a Tinder Shadowban last?

It lasts until you completely remove your account.

What is not allowed on Tinder?

Nudity, sexually explicit content, etc are not allowed on Tinder.

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