How YouTube Shorts Algorithm Works? [Explained]

How YouTube Shorts Algorithm Works

YouTube videos algorithm has changed its way of working after the setup of YouTube Shorts. Just wonder how YouTube suggests numerous recommendation videos to its billions of users! If you are curious; let’s get to the question of how YouTube Shorts algorithm works. Because this too needs to get viral to be watched by the content consumers.

In the very beginning, when YouTube was just invented; people get recommendations based on how many people had viewed and liked a particular video. This led to unnecessary content being suggested to many users. Then, it got optimized by the watch time which means the longer you watch a video; the more it gets viral. Then the matter of satisfaction came into the picture based on how much people like or dislike a video.

In 2016, the factor of community guidelines was introduced. According to this, a creator cannot post misleading or harmful information, and this algorithm works till date.

And now, in 2021, users get suggested such videos that make the viewers interested in the video and stay longer. The videos might be on their Homepage, in a high rank while searching for something; or in the suggestions part when you are almost done with the video you are currently watching. So, this was a summary of how the YouTube algorithm works.

There have been numerous users logging in to YouTube to create content. To make things easier for them YouTube invented YouTube Shorts which is a useful tool to reach a great user base. Apart from the new creators, the existing ones are also at an advantage with the invention of YouTube Shorts. Recording, editing, and uploading from mobile has been much easier and more fun-filled just because of YouTube Shorts.

How YouTube Shorts Algorithm Works?

Let us dive a bit deeper into this now. Whenever a creator uploads a YouTube Shorts, his/her subscribers get notified about it. This draws the viewer’s attention and increases the traffic. Other than that, the viewers will also be able to watch it from their YouTube homepage. Whether you are a subscriber or not, YouTube Shorts of a channel will be visible to you. YouTube Shorts is based on the traffic (due to subscribers watching it after getting a notification) and recommendations.

Apart from all these, the Shorts Shelf is another way how YouTube Shorts algorithm works. For this, the creator has to wait for some time which might range from 24 hours to several days (or, a week). And once it hits the Shorts Shelf, stay less worried! There will be a humongous growth in traffic driven towards it.

This means that people are liking the video, and hence, there is growth that you will notice in the YouTube analytics. If people keep watching and liking it, your video will continue to reach traffic heights. But, if people stop responding to your video, there is a decrease in the traffic, and the insights curve might get into a plateau-shaped one.

But don’t worry, YouTube Shorts is a fantastic tool for inviting traffic. Just keep the following things in mind.

  • Keep experimenting with your content
  • The content should be up to the mark
  • Use texts or other tools to make it more creative
  • Make it enjoyable
  • It must not be a complex one
  • Share great stories


Don’t think too much about how YouTube shorts algorithm works. Just keep sharing your best stories with your audience or viewers. Have patience, and you will experience a different level of traffic on your channel.

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Do YouTube Shorts count as watch time?

No, YouTube doesn’t count views of YouTube Shorts as watch time.

Does YouTube count your own watch time?

Yes, but if you do it again and again, YouTube will take strict actions against you.

Are YouTube shorts worth it?

Yes, YouTube Shorts are worth it as they can bring humongous traffic to your channel.