How To Calibrate Gyroscope In Your Smartphone?

How To Calibrate Gyroscope

Hello! Information seekers, today we are going to learn about gyroscope and how to calibrate gyroscope in your smartphone. This guide will also help you to check if your phone has a gyroscope sensor or not.

So let’s first start to learn a little about gyroscopes.

What is Gyroscope?

A Gyroscope sensor is an electronic device that lets your smartphone detect and measure the rotational movement like tilt and lateral orientation of the objects. A gyroscope is a very advanced version of Accelerometers (used to detect and measure linear motions in smartphones).

But as we know even today not every smartphone supports these emerging technologies. Because of the absence of the gyroscope in them.

Why do we need Gyroscopes?

As we know the Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (AR) are now emerging very fastly and also have become accessible to almost everyone now. Gyroscopes are the devices that make it possible to explore VR and AR on our smartphones.

But as we know that sometimes the sensors of the smartphone don’t work well and are unable to perform their basic functions. But wait it does not mean that they are broken or need repair.

Yes, you heard it right…

These sensors just need a recalibration. And you know you can do this recalibration directly through your phone. Let’s see how to calibrate Gyroscope on your smartphone.

Steps On How to Calibrate Gyroscope

This calibration method not only helps you in calibrating the gyroscope of your phone but also the other sensors like accelerometer, Proximity sensor, etc. And the best thing about this method is that you don’t have to download any other application.

  • Open your Phone Settings
Open Phone Settings
  • Now, go to About Phone.
  • Scroll down to the bottom to find the Kernel Version.

In the case of Mi smartphones, you first have to tap on All Specs then scroll down to find the kernel version.

  • Once you find the kernel version option, just tap on it 4 to 5 times.
Kernel Version Settings
  • This will open a new CIT window, here you will find almost all the peripherals that are integrated to your phone. You can test anyone of them according to your need.
Open Gyroscope in CIT
  • But at this time, we are looking for Gyroscope.
  • Once you find the gyroscope on the list, just tap on it.
  • Now to calibrate, just put your phone on the flat surface; where the values of X:Y:Z will become zero.
Calibrate Gyroscope settings
  • Once the values become zero, just Tap on Pass Button and it’s done.

Yes! you have successfully calibrated the gyroscope of your phone.


We hope with this piece of knowledge you got the answer to your question of how to calibrate gyroscope in your smartphone. If you face any problem in finding out the required option on your phone, then feel free to contact us through the comment section or through our Facebook page.

What is a Gyroscope Sensor?

A Gyroscope is an Angular velocity sensor that senses angular velocity (the change in rotational angle per unit of time).

How do I calibrate my phone’s Gyroscope?

To calibrate your phone’s gyroscope, open your phone’s Settings, then find Motion and select it. Then scroll down and select Sensitivity Settings and open Gyroscope Calibration. Place it on a level surface and then tap on Calibrate.

Is Gyroscope good in PUBG?

Yes, it is very useful while playing PUBG. You can control your character’s aim and gun recoil just by tilting your phone.

Which phone has the best Gyroscope Sensor?

iPhones come with the best Gyroscope Sensor.