Top 5 Reasons Why Google Banned Zoom Application

Google Banned Zoom App

Zoom is a free video-conferencing app. After the coronavirus epidemic has spread in the world. The popularity of zoom has significantly increased because, through this app, people can do their professional work efficiently and are talking to family and friends away from themselves. But the Tech Giant Google banned Zoom, keeping in view the data security of the company.

Last week Google clearly ordered their employees through an email, stating that those who are using the Zoom app on the laptop immediately uninstall it.

Reasons Why Google banned Zoom

  • Several media reports had come out in which questions were raised about the reliability of the zoom app. The point to note here is that Before Google, Elon Musk’s company Space X banned the zoom app. And the reason to take this step was the same as Google’s reason i.e., the security of the company’s data.
  • A report by the website TechCrunch cited the intercept as saying that its video calls are not end-to-end encrypted. That is, privacy can be leaked in between.
  • According to the motherboard report, the zoom is leaking the client’s email address. Fearing privacy leaks.
  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation recently warned that this app allows administrators to track people’s movements.
  • Zoom has also been alleged that it was quietly sending data to Facebook about a user’s Zoom habits, despite that the user did not even have a Facebook account.

After all this, in an explanation, Zoom CEO Eric S Yuan said that the company is reviewing the feature, which is sharing the user’s data with Facebook. And also working on taking the necessary steps to meet the challenges. He also stated that the company for the next 90 days would not release any update to the app. But will work on improving the security features of the app.