An Instagram Bug Crashed iPhones; Here’s What Happened

Instagram Bug Crashed iPhones

In the past few weeks, it was noticed that an Instagram bug crashed iPhones. This all started when a guy named Talal had put an Instagram bug in his highlights story section. As one opens the story his/her phone gets crashed. iPhone users noticed that the screen of the phone was turned purple; and then suddenly it is getting crashed. One of the famous YouTubers; popularly known as Mrwhosetheboss got into the roots of the problem and explained what exactly happened to the phone and how it was crashed.

How An Instagram Bug Crashed iPhones?

To start with the testing; Mrwhosetheboss got all kinds of phones including the iPhone 12 Pro Max and various flagship Android smartphones. What was observed, iPhone turned purple and crashed while some flagship Android smartphones managed to survive the crash easily and other Android phones crashed terribly. In some Android phones, it was noticed that it had response problems and it just got hanged.

After doing research and contacting some experts like Ananay Arora, who is a developer and works at Arizona state university. Arun Maini aka Mrwhoestheboss found out that this story was actually a quiz contest that was held a couple of weeks back. This quiz had a countdown timer and many people participated to answer those questions.

Know the Exact Reason Behind The Crash

The reason, why phones were crashed, had nothing to do with the contest or timer. The vital reason was that Pgtalal used an HTTP proxy that somehow affected the UI of the story and ultimately affected its width and height. So, when you opened the story it was just a zoomed version of the story that was not handled by the phone and it crashed.

Final words

Instagram bug crashed iPhones and that bug was finally known to everyone thanks to Mrwhosetheboss. Talal after seeing this did contact Arun aka Mrwhosetheboss and it was out that; Talal is a teenager who learned coding at a very young age like when he was 11 years old. During this pandemic condition, he was getting bored and so he decided to explore the flaws in Instagram.

However, now there is no threat as the problem is fixed; but still, be careful as some phones might still face the same problem.

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