iPhone 13 Pro Running iOS 15 Hacked In Just 1 Second

iOS 15 Hacked

Yes, a team of white-hat hackers got iOS 15 hacked. They were able to hack an iPhone 13 Pro which was running on iOS 15. While Apple is such a company that has always been flexing its privacy policy, it is one of its key selling points for all its devices. During every Apple launch event, Apple has addressed its most secure privacy feature numerous times. Be it iPhones, iPads, Macs, or other devices from Apple, they have never failed to tout their privacy.

But recently, at a Hackathon competition, some white-hat hackers have literally hacked the latest iPhone 13 Pro, which was running on iOS 15. And they merely took a second to break into it.

iOS 15 hacked in a competition

Not one, but two teams have broken into the iOS 15 supported iPhone 13 Pro during a Hackathon competition named Tiangu Cup in China. According to the official website of the championship, the participating teams had to hack the device to gain control over it. The Competition had 3 tiers of rewards.

The first tier is for Remote Code Execution (RCE), and the prize was $120,000. The second round was RCE plus a sandbox escape which would bring $180,000 as a reward. And the last round was the remote jailbreak of the iPhone 13 Pro, and the prize was $300,000.

Among the two winning teams, Team Pangu is well popular in the iPhone hacking community. They had made their access to the iOS 15 running in iPhone 13 Pro within just a second! They had made their way into the system of the iPhone 13 Pro, which is claimed as the most secure, and they did it so fast yet so effortlessly. It is clear that they have given good efforts while preparing for the competition.

Another winning team is Kunlun Lab. They had exploited the Safari to break into it. The CEO of Kunlun Lab is the former CTO of the internet security company Qihoo 360. They took around 15 seconds to access the device during the competition.

Both the teams have got iOS 15 hacked in a very short time. And they have also won a generous amount as their reward. Now, Apple is expected to deploy some fixes to conceal their vulnerabilities with a future update.