Apple Watch Series 8 May Come With Blood Glucose Monitoring

Apple Watch Series 8

Apple is all set to launch the Apple Watch Series 8 in the coming days. However, it is expected to come with a blood glucose monitor for users. Though the Apple Watch Series 7 was supposed to have an aforesaid feature it didn’t. Now, Apple has collaborated with Asia-based firm Ennostar as well as TAS to add non-invasive monitoring of blood sugar.

Some useful features in Apple Watch Series 8 related to health

The infrared LED sensors which were of short wavelength were developed by Ennostar and TAS. This combination will assist in detecting the blood glucose level. However, a person who is wearing the Apple Watch Series 8 can track the blood glucose level. It is also reported that this smartwatch can assist users to check their blood oxygen levels and heart rate also. We all know that no one is near to Apple Watches when it comes to health monitoring.

This company provides the topmost priority to their customers regarding monitoring their health. However, Apple has also got a new patent by USPTO about checking levels of hydration with the help of Apple Watch. As this Watch will be the successor of the Apple Watch Series 7, there are a few unbelievable features such as resistance to water as well as the ability to control voice. Levels of hydration can be measured with the help of the sweat of users.

With the help of electrodes in the watch, a sample will be collected using the electrical properties of sweat. However, the collected data can be correlated to the electrolyte concentration. All the data can be collected from the electrodes present at the base of the watch dial. So overall, this will be a useful watch.

Final Words

The Apple Watch Series 8 will be more useful to people who are more health-conscious. Because it can easily keep a look at hydration levels as well as blood sugar levels.