Steve Jobs’ Hand-Written Job Application Up For Auction At $175,000

Job Application Up For Auction

Yes, you heard it right! The founder of Apple Steve Jobs’s job application up for auction valued at $175,000. The job application letter wrote about fifty years back in 1973. However, it is not the first time that Apple-related stuff is selling out at such a high price. Not a long ago, the Apple-1 computer; which had the signature of the founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak sold for $50,000.

The interesting fact about the application is that it was once sold out for $175,000 to Charterfield who is the auctioneer now. He has geared up to sell it and there are high possibilities of getting a price higher than the previous one. According to him, the job application up for auction is in a good condition except for slight creasing at the corner and an old clear tape to the top edge.

Let’s Talk About The Job Application Up For Auction

It is a set of questions answered by Steve jobs that is supposed to be the time he dropped out the Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Just a year later, he joined Atari at the post of the technician. It is the same place he met and even worked with Steve Wozniak. Soon after in 1976, they founded the Apple Company.

You will be surprised to know that neither he mentioned the company nor the role he applied for. However, the skill section indicates a computing company.

Furthermore, under the special eligibility section, Jobs specified his experience with “computers and calculators” and penned “electronic tech or design engineer.”

Hence, the exceptional job application up for auction for 30 days starting from 24th February to 24th march for the year 2021. If you are interested in bidding on the hand-written and signed job application of Steve Jobs; check out the application at Charterfield’s official website.

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