LG Wing Dual-Display Phone Gets A Price Tag, Will Retail Around $945

LG Wing Dual-Display Phone

Did you click on this article with the intention to learn more about the LG Wing Dual-Display Phone which is making the news headlines recently?

Well, then go on and read till the end of this article. We will be discussing some key questions like what is LG Wing Dual-Display Phone, why should you care, and what’s its price range!!

Here we go.

What is LG Wing Dual-Display Phone?

First things first, It is one of the most innovative ideas to grace the smartphone industry in recent memory.

It has the same traditional vertical phone display but half the screen is then covered with another display, which is horizontal. Which is the main screen and is rotatable too. This unique feature gives the device a “T” shaped look.

When will it launch?

The phone was introduced officially in the 3rd week of September 2020 and is on course to officially launch in South Korea in the coming month of October. Since it is a South Korean invention, it makes sense. It will gradually begin launching into other important markets too.

How much it costs?

Not only we have more information about LG Wing Dual-Display Phone now, but also we have been graced with the news of its price.

The phone is appropriately priced at around 950 approx dollars (USD), which when converted to Indian Rupees (INR), amounts to a staggering Rs 69,000/- approx.

But unfortunately, while we do know the cost Indian buyers would have to pay, we don’t know the launch date here yet.


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