How To Make iPhone Announce Who’s Calling? [Guide]

Make iPhone Announce Who's Calling

It’s not new that an iPhone has numerous premium features and that is what makes it unique with a higher price than its competitors. And now, the new feature that an iPhone has come up with is an imaginative and experimental one. So, what’s cooking here? It is a feature to make iPhone announce who’s calling. Let’s look into it properly.

By the name, you all must have understood that with this feature when someone calls you up, you will be able to hear the name of the caller. How does an iPhone announce who’s calling? When you get an incoming call, Siri will announce the name of the caller if the caller is already on your contacts list. So, it is pretty easy to guess that even if you are not near to your device, you will get to know who is calling and you can receive or ignore the call accordingly.

A question would automatically pop into your mind that what if it is an unknown caller? When one has the advantage to make iPhone announce who’s calling, then there must be some plan at the back of the mind. In this case, Siri would announce the number displayed on the screen. Other than this, if the number is also not visible or not shown due to some privacy policy, then Siri announces out loud that it is an ‘unknown caller’.

Steps To Make iPhone Announce Who’s Calling

You must be thinking how to make an iPhone announce who’s calling? Keep following the steps written below.

  • Go to the Settings > Phone.
Select Phone From Settings App
  • In the Calls section of it, select the feature of Announce Calls.
Tap On Announce Calls
  • Select ‘Always’ so that you can activate the new feature.
Tap On Always

Now, close the Settings app to save the changes and make an iPhone announce who’s calling.

There are some other options such as Headphones & Car, Headphones Only, and Never. Never is the default setting which won’t allow you to activate the feature. If you select Headphones Only, Siri announces only when you are using headphones. And, if you select Headphones & Car, Siri announces only when your iPhone is connected to your car.

Note: If your iPhone is set on Do not disturb, Siri will not announce the caller’s name or number.

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