How To Make Stickers In Telegram? [Easy Guide]

Make Stickers In Telegram

Let us see how you can make stickers in Telegram. One of the best apps to get a deep dive into the universe of stickers is Telegram. People on these apps can have a much more creative and customized conversation because you can make your own stickers. This means your convo has more graphics, memes, and quotes. All of this is because the app allows you to be the creator. Owning something awesome is always the dream right? So, why shy away? Let’s make something cool that can be used by everyone.

Another great thing about this is that you don’t need to spend days getting approved or even passing a review test. You only need to send your creation to a bot that can help you make a sticker. So, if you have a list of jokes and memes that you want to share with your friends and family, let’s start and see how you can make stickers in Telegram.

Steps To Make Stickers In Telegram

There are total three steps to make stickers in Telegram.

Step 1: Design Your Sticker

It is not necessary to be a professional designer in graphics to have this privilege. It will be a plus point if you do have the knowledge. But other than that if you have the passion, you can promote your art and creativity for free.

The most popular and used stickers are those that have memes and quotes in them for funny purposes. And for such stickers, your basic designer skills will help. You might need a simple editing app to combine images, add text, etc.

The stickers creation will have some requirements, but do not worry because all these tasks are easy to follow. No matter how many stickers you make, all of them should be separate in an image file format. For uploading, it will be easier to do it on the Windows or Mac version of Telegram.

The file format needs to be PNG which will have a transparent back image (background). The size of the image should be 512×512. The pack you create for your own stickers can be kept optional. But if you want it in a customized way, you can create another PNG image with the size of 100×100.

One thing a creator should remember that your stickers should not violate any copyright regulations. Which means try not to put any quotes from a movie or series. We understand that memes are funny when you put a quote in them. But sometimes the owners will strike a claim on your stickers making Telegram ban your creation.

And unfortunately, till date Telegram has not made an update to have a copyright check right when you upload. Hopefully, this update will come in the future. On average the stickers on Telegram can have 10-20 stickers. However, this is not the limit, you can create over 100 stickers and put them in your pack. And keep increasing your collection as you create more.

Step 2: Find Sticker Bots

Once you are ready with your creations and want them to go live. You will need to find a telegram sticker bot. Just go ahead and search for the word “Stickers” in your search box. You will get some suggestions listed below.

  • (/addsticker) – To add a new sticker to an existing pack.
  • (/newpack) – To make a brand new sticker pack.
  • (/ordersticker) – To reorder a sticker in the pack.
  • (/dealsticker) – To erase a sticker from your pack.
  • (/top) – To view the top sticker from your pack.
  • (/stats) – To view a stat report on a specific sticker.
  • (/packstats) – To view the usage stat report for your pack.
  • (/packtop) – To view your best and top packs.
  • (/cancel) – To cancel or erase your command.

You can press start to begin the process of your sticker. Or you can just press the command called “/newpack”.

Step 3: Upload Your Stickers

The bot telegram makes it really easy to upload your creation. Let’s see what you need to do.

Press on the “/newpack” and press Enter. You will see a blue button that says “Send.” Type your desired pack name and again click on the “Send” arrow. Now you should click on the paperclip symbol and you can upload your sticker.

Click On Open

Also, remember not to upload it as a photo by clicking on the “Camera Icon.” After uploading it as a file make sure to unselect the “Compress” option. If you have more stickers you can add more and click the send button.

Now, the bot will tell you to choose an emoji that will represent your sticker. After choosing you can press Enter. It is not necessary to choose only one sticker. You can add more that suits your sticker pack. Repeat the above steps whenever you want to add new stickers.

After you have completed the process search “/publish” in the search box and send your package.
If you want, you can send an icon that you want to put on a sticker or just select “/skip command” this will make the topmost sticker in your pack the icon.

Lastly, you are supposed to send a name to the bot which you want your pack to have. That’s it, you are now done and have learned how to create and send stickers on Telegram.

Final Words

Telegram is a fun and great app that allows you to be free while keeping your privacy safe and sound. Maybe that is why many users leave applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for Telegram. The file-sharing limit is high and customization is good. But having personalized stickers makes a huge difference.

Even if you don’t want to create any stickers, you can always enjoy the ones made by others. Support and promote others’ work so they feel appreciated. Hopefully, you learned how to make stickers in Telegram.