Microsoft Mesh Mixed Reality Platform Launched – Here’s Everything

Mesh Mixed Reality Platform

As you are going through this pandemic, Microsoft has been launched the Mesh Mixed reality platform. They came up with HoloLens augmented reality eyewear. Moreover, Alex Kipman’s team using 3D capture technology that helps people to join a meeting virtually.

More About Mesh Mixed Reality Platform

Microsoft Mesh Mixed reality Platform is powered by Azure. Companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google invest in these virtual reality technologies already.

The person behind Microsoft, Technical Alex Kipman said, “This has been the dream for mixed reality, the idea from the very beginning”.

Microsoft also said, “People will initially be able to express themselves as avatars in these shared virtual experiences; and the use of holoportation will help them to project themselves as their most lifelike, photorealistic selves”.

On 3rd March 2021, Microsoft Satya Nadella posted on Twitter to share about the new platform. He said that they are going to collaborate with the new upcoming Microsoft Mesh Mixed Reality Platform. Satya Nadella the Chief Executive Officer said, “you can be anywhere as a hologram or an Avatar, and it’s not just you”.

Over-time it seems that the users can choose whatever from the growing set of Microsoft Mesh applications but for the timing; there are two in-built applications on the platform.

Microsoft Teams and Dynamic 365 are the Microsoft products that are built by external developers and partners who benefited from planned integration. This reality platform will able to outspeak yourself as an Avatar in a shared holographic experience.

To make this more available, reliable, and less expensive, Microsoft Corporation has revealed software tools for Mesh. By using this new technology you can be available at any place like events, ceremony, concerts, etc.

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