Minecraft Java Edition System Requirements [Expert Advice]

Minecraft Minimum System Requirements

If you are wondering to set up the Minecraft game on your PC and want to experience this amazing game. But not sure that your rig is up to the task to launch this game flawlessly. Then don’t be worried, we are here to give you all the information about Minecraft java edition system requirements.

First of all, you have to look at the basic and important components of your system. Now check if the CPU, GPU, and RAM of your PC match up with the Minecraft java edition system requirements or ideally have a better configuration than required.

Minecraft Game Specifications:

  • Release Date: 18th November 2011
  • Available On: (PC, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS Vita, Wii U)
  • Genre: Online multiplayer battle royale
  • System Requirements: Low
  • Publisher: Mojang, Xbox Game Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment

Minecraft is the best-selling game of all time, this sandbox game is designed by Swedish developer Markus Persson and released by Mojang in 2011. The game is continuously improving from 2011 to now. According to the latest data of statista.com, Minecraft has a staggering sale of 176 million units. Also, 200 million users have already registered in its free Chinese release on the 10th anniversary of the sandbox. This game sidelines all the classic games such as Mario, GTA V, and Tetris and it is one of the best offline co-op games for Xbox One.

Minecraft Minimum System Requirements


To run the Minecraft game properly and without any irritating errors. It is mandatory that your PC should have at least the minimum mentioned hardware configuration.

  • CPU: Intel Core i3 3210 | AMD A8 7600 APU or equivalent
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphic Card Unit (GPU): Intel HD Graphics 4000 or AMD Radeon R5 series | NVIDIA GeForce 400 Series or AMD Radeon HD 7000 series
  • OS: Windows: 64-bit Windows 7 or later | macOS: OS X 10.9 Maverick | Linux: Any distribution from 2014 or later
  • HDD: 180 MB to 1 GB Free Space
  • Network: Working Internet connection

Minecraft Recommended System Requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 4690 | AMD A10 7800 or equivalent
  • RAM: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphic Card Unit (GPU): NVIDIA GeForce 700 Series | AMD Radeon Rx 200 Series
  • OS: Windows: Windows 10 | macOS: OS X 10.12 Sierra | Linux: Any distribution from 2014 or later
  • HDD: 4 GB Free space
  • Network: Working Internet connection

Minecraft is an ultimate sandbox game that lets the players create and build anything from the uniform size pixelated blocks. Players can mine precious ores and craft their weapons (like Bows, Swords and Pickaxe, etc.) by using the resources available in the surrounding environment. You can use these weapons to hunt and battle with mobs of zombies and skeletons. Most of the time players broke their bows during their gameplay, which can be fixed by the two methods mentioned below:

Minecraft is much more than a game, players can explore this pixelated world and craft anything that comes into their creative minds. The game is just like an open-ended canvas for the players to show their creativity in this pixelated world.

Optimal Configuration for Minecraft

At first, it may look like Minecraft does not require any high graphics configuration. But this pixelated game definitely needs good hardware in your Rig to run this game as buttery smooth. But if you want to play this game on your 10-year-old PC, this will not run as smoothly as it has to be.

Looking at the recommended setting for this game, you will need a good processor like Intel Core i5 coupled with a decent 4GB RAM to compute all these pixelated blocks. A dedicated graphic unit like NVIDIA Geforce 700 series or its equivalent is also necessary for getting a smoother and stable frame rate of 60 FPS even at high graphic settings. It’s good if you have an SSD in your system because it just boosts the overall performance of your PC by improving the memory Swapping speed.


Minecraft is an ultimate game that has lots of things to explore on its open-world Map. We definitely recommend this game to you to know its worth. But before this, you must know the Minecraft java edition system requirements that we are discussed above in this article. I hope this article helps you in resolving all your doubts about this game. If you are looking for system requirements of Minecraft Bedrock Edition, you can check our article on Minecraft Bedrock Edition System Requirements.

Why Minecraft is Laggy?

It’s because your PC hardware may not meet the minimum system requirements for Minecraft.

What processor can run Minecraft?

Just about any processor, you can think of. Minimum recommended Processor as either Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 (K8) 2.6 GHz.

What are the Minecraft system requirements for 60 FPS?

A dedicated graphic unit like NVIDIA Geforce 700 series is necessary for getting a smoother and stable frame rate of 60 FPS even at high graphic settings.

Is 4GB of RAM enough to run Minecraft?

Yes, this amount of RAM is far enough to run the Minecraft game flawlessly when coupled with a recommended processor.