8 Most Beautiful Linux Distros [Updated List For This Year]

Most Beautiful Linux Distros

As we all know, there is a Linux distribution for every user out there, no matter what you are looking for. Linux distribution ranges from beginners to experts. And if you have an old computer, you can use lightweight Linux distros which would be perfect for your PC. In this article, we are going to provide you a list of the most beautiful Linux Distros.

List Of Most Beautiful Linux Distros

This list will be pretty useful for all developers. In this list, we are focusing on beautiful Linux distros. Wait! Did you just say beautiful Linux distros? Yes, now you can customize your Linux distro with the help of themes and icons. But here we are talking about distributions without the help of themes and icons to make them beautiful. These distros look pleasant and elegant.

1. POP!_OS


POP!_OS has managed to provide the best User Interface to its developers. They made sure that their UI is above Ubuntu and undoubtedly offer a real & pure experience of GNOME. POP!_OS doesn’t have any fancy design or exceptional animation. But it has a simple design and a comfortable UI. Therefore users find it user-friendly to use within their range.

This distro has a good and balanced combination of themes and icons that always give a fresh look to the user interface. POP!_OS polishes the user experience to a whole new level from a technical point of view.

If you are an Ubuntu user but got frustrated with the same, then POP!_OS would be a great alternative for those people. Potentially it is turning out to be the most beautiful Linux distros.

2. Garuda Linux

Garuda Linux

Garuda Linux is new in the market but it will offer you an impressive experience out of the box. It allows both KDE and GNOME desktop environment edition along with a variety of spins. Its updated version is specifically optimized for gaming. This distro is suitable for most Linux desktop environments that makes it is one of the most beautiful Linux distros.

Here are some options available with Garuda Linux

  • LXQt
  • MATE
  • Deepin
  • UKI
  • Wayfair
  • i3WM

3. Zorin OS

Zorin OS

Zorin OS is considered to be the most successful and good-looking Linux distros. It is not only a good-looking distro but also has a good user experience even on its Lite version. This would undoubtedly explain it as the most beautiful Linux distros.

The user interface of Zorin OS is tailored for both Windows and Mac users to obtain a good experience. You can even try the lite version or full version depending on your use. It is based on Ubuntu which means that it provides a great user experience with whatever they offer.

If you are willing to run multiple computers on a single processor then you can try Zorin Grid. It manages multiple desktops while running the main Zorin OS at work. Due to its compatibility, you can also control the layout of the desktop.

4. Nitrux OS

Nitrux OS is based on Debian. This system was initially based on Ubuntu but later Nitrux OS ditched them. This beautiful Linux distro focuses on creating new interfaces and design and they are always looking for unique ideas. Nitrux OS uses Nomad desktop which is based on KDE. It encourages the use of AppImage for applications. However, you can also use Arch Linux’s Pacman package manager in Nitrux.

This is not the best Linux distro but it looks amazing and you can do your basic task on it.

5. Deepin


Deepin is another beautiful Linux distros available for developers. It is originally based on Debian’s stable branch. Though some people may feel the animation overwhelming, for some people it is beautiful. One can say it is a treat to the eyes.

This desktop environment is considered the most good-looking Linux distros available. It includes a mix of necessary features. Without those features, it is impossible to get a good user experience. Though the UI of Deepin doesn’t remind us of any other Linux Distros as it is easy to operate and understand.

Deepin has managed to provide undoubtedly the best control center and color scheme. These both go suitably well in Deepin OS. Its comfort has made developers use Deepin OS more. Therefore you can undoubtedly try this Linux distro.

6. KDE Neon

KDE Neon

Users who want a simplified approach to the design language but still want a great user experience, select KDE Neon. This beautiful Linux distro is based on Ubuntu. It is light in weight and features the KDE Plasma desktop which looks beautiful and stunning. In this, you will get many built-in customization options so feel free to try this beautiful Linux distro.

If you are a developer and looking for best Linux desktop environments for developers, we will prefer you to use KDE as it is the most popular and preferred desktop environment used by developers.

7. Manjaro Linux

Manjaro Linux

Manjaro Linux comes in the list of Arch-based Linux distribution. Installing Arch Linux is considered to be the most complicated job. But Manjaro Linux is providing a pretty smooth and operational experience of the arch.

Manjaro Linux is offering a good variety of desktop experiences to all its users. While downloading something you can choose any possible thing on Manjaro Linux and it will give you an option to customize look and feel. It provides a good look at your Linux distros.

8. Elementary OS

Elementary OS

If you like the macOS interface, you will love this distro. Because this beautiful Linux distro leans on the macOS-ish look and provides a great user experience for Linux users. This distribution is based on Ubuntu so one can get plenty of applications to get things done. Elementary OS is good not for its look but it’s hard for work too.

It will update the user experience with every update you get. So, I would recommend you to use this beautiful Linux distro with the perfect blend of beauty and hard-working capacity.

Final words

At last, we all know everybody has got a different vision so beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. In that way, different people choose different distros. This was the list of the most beautiful Linux distros according to our experience. We hope that you would try them and if you are already using them then share your experience with us. Feel free to share other Linux distros that you find effective.

Which is the smoothest Linux distro?

ArchLinux is the smoothest Linux distro.

Which is the best Linux distro?

Zorin OS is the best Linux distro.

Is Ubuntu better than CentOS?

CentOS is better than Ubuntu as it is more stable and secure.