How To Watch YouTube Stories? [Complete Information]

YouTube Stories

How long have you been waiting for your favorite influencer or content creator to post a story on Facebook, Instagram, etc? In case that you have been doing so, you are so in love with their every step. Then why not have the same feature on YouTube also, while you are watching their videos. Yes, you read that right. YouTube now has come up with the feature of YouTube stories. The creators who have at least 10,000 subscribers can post stories. Now, you can connect with the creators even more often and have a hard time while removing your eyes from them.

What are YouTube Stories?

Well, now let me clearly point out one thing. YouTube Stories are mainly a collection of short videos that can stay up to seven days. Even though a story stays for consecutive days, it is better for you to upload different stories each day so that the reach of your channel increases even more.

How To Watch YouTube Stories?

You, as a content consumer, can easily watch them using your YouTube mobile application. For a person who already has a subscription to a particular channel, you can easily watch stories from the subscription feed. But, new viewers can access these stories from their homepage. Or else, you can also visit their channel, click on their picture, and you will surely be able to view the concerned person’s story.

Now if the content creator has put several stories in a day, then you can skip or move to the next one by tapping the right side of the story. And to watch the previous one, tap on the left side of the story. You can also pause and watch any story for a longer period.

Viewers will always go bananas when you upload anything. It is you, the content creator, who has to keep in mind that the reach of your channel is dependent on it. Right after the launch, you might find it difficult to browse through YouTube stories. Just have patience and you will be able to do it!

What are YouTube stories?

This feature is a collection of short videos a YouTuber post on its profile.

How do you stop a story on YouTube?

To pause a YouTube Story, simply tap and hold on the story.

Does YouTube have stories now?

Yes, YouTube has a feature of YouTube Stories, where a content creator with 10,000 subscribers is able to post short stories on its profile.