Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect To Wifi? [How To Fix]

Nintendo Switch Won't Connect To Wifi

Today, let’s talk about the fixes if your Nintendo Switch won’t connect to Wifi. Not being connected to the internet is a genuine issue if you are into games. Not only you will be unable to play the multiplayer games, but you also won’t be able to access Nintendo eShop and download the updates for the games. So, you definitely need to know some fixes if you find the Nintendo Switch not connecting to the internet.

Steps To Fix The “Nintendo Switch Won’t Connect To Wifi” Error

In this article, we have aimed to serve you with the fixes if your Nintendo Switch won’t connect to Wifi. Though you get a built-in ability to connect to Wifi; but according to many players, it offers a pretty weak connection. And it causes inconveniences while playing or so. But fortunately, there are a few ways to fix this issue and those are being mentioned below.

  • You can always consider resetting your console. Just hold down the Power button and then attempt to connect.
  • If that doesn’t work, reset your router and let it fully reboot. Don’t rush, let the process get fully done.
  • If that too doesn’t work, swap your console to a wifi band with a higher speed. Follow the management page of your router to do so.
  • If the issue still persists, try placing the console near the router.
  • If the previous tip works, that means you might have been trying to connect from such a distance where the connectivity can’t sustain. So if the trick works, try placing the two pieces nearby and try removing objects in-between if that is causing any obstruction.

But if all these tips fail and you still can’t connect your Nintendo Switch to the Wifi, make sure that the Nintendo network isn’t down. For that, click on this link and select your region.

Final Words

So, that’s all you can do at home if your Nintendo Switch won’t connect to Wifi. If you find none of these fixes working, you might need to think about getting some necessary repairs for your console.

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