Facing “No Overwatch License Found” Error? [Here’s The Fix]

No Overwatch License Found

Hello everybody! So, you were relishing the Overwatch gaming experience, what if you found yourself in a painstaking position where your game won’t open with the reason being the error “No Overwatch License Found“.

Trust us, you are not alone in this ordeal. And that is why today we will be exploring this error’s effect, and what are the remedial measures which you can take for the same. Let us now begin.

About the game

Overwatch is a 2016 multiplayer online game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The gameplay consists of a first-person shooter experience, and despite being more than half a decade old, it can still boast a significant fanbase.

Errors and known issues

Despite this, it is not uncommon for the game to be buggy. These issues – especially related to connectivity – have been present ever since its release. One such type of error is titular.

“No Overwatch Licence Found” error

“No Overwatch License Found” is a common error that can crop up. It mainly comes up when you try to log in to your Blizzard account, and thus you are stuck at the login stage and not able to proceed ahead.

Ways To Fix “No Overwatch License Found” Error

Don’t worry if you’re stuck here, as we will now be discussing all the possible solutions for the same. Let us begin.

1. Correct Information

This may sound silly but before the error begins to raise the alarm bells for you; it may be best to check if the correct e-mail ID/username and password was filled by you. Many times, this turns out to be the main culprit. So, do check it once.

2. Update to Latest version

It could also be that the Blizzard launcher is not updated to the latest version. This can cause compatibility issues, and the best solution for the same is to simply update it quickly.

3. Clear unnecessary Cache

Sometimes, unnecessary cache files could also interfere with the gaming process, causing the error. To clear these, go to the Blizzard launcher’s directory, and get rid of these unnecessary cache files.

4. Contact Customer Care of Blizzard

The above three are the easiest methods to solve the “No Overwatch Licence Found” error. In case they don’t work, then one can try to directly contact the customer care of Blizzard via e-mail. While it may take time, it may be the only solution if the above ones don’t work.

Through updates and/or patches, the game should be up and running in no time.

And that is it. These are the main solutions for the “No Overwatch License Found” error. In some cases, a mix of the stated multiple solutions may be needed.


It’s clear that fans of this game do complain about the “No Overwatch License Found” error frequently, but knowing what to do in such cases can help in removing half of the headache.

Hopefully, this small guide was useful for you and it won’t be an issue any longer. We have written an article on Overwatch system requirements if you are looking for the same.

Stay tuned for more such content on the website. This is goodbye for now.

What was the release date of Overwatch?

The release date of Overwatch was 24 May 2016.

Who is the creator of Overwatch?

The creator of Overwatch is Blizzard Entertainment.

Who was the CEO of Overwatch?

Jeff Kaplan was the CEO of Overwatch.