Why Safari Is Better Than Chrome? [Everything We Know]

Why Safari Is Better Than Chrome

Do you know your browsing activity can help you determine the health of your Mac system and internet data? It can truly change the behavior of your system and save it from being vulnerable. Not to mention, sometimes even Chrome is vulnerable to privacy and can affect your privacy and security? It is where Safari has a strong hand. Similarly, there are other reasons that explain why Safari is better than Chrome.

Reasons Why Safari Is Better Than Chrome

Below listed are the crucial aspects you should consider if you are using Chrome over Safari.

1. Features

Undoubtedly, both the browsers Safari and Chrome are feature enriched. The masters have already packed them with all essential apps and tools. Yet technology at its own pace strives towards betterment. Every next day you will be notified that this and that feature has an update.

In the case of Mac, Safari goes hand-in-hand with Mac updates but Chrome takes time to understand and imply that. For instance; when the dark mode was launched for Mac, Chrome took a year to comply with that while Safari updated it just after that.

Further, Apple offers an integrated ecosystem for its devices. Thus, you have feasibility in accessing the same tabs over different Apple devices with the Safari browser.

On the other hand, Chromecast works smoothly with Chrome browser thus anything can be accessed on TV through Chromecast. Chrome also works best with G-suit just as Apple does with iCloud.

However, both browsers are supportable on laptops, tabs, and phones, Safari is a made-in heaven match for all Apple devices (macOS, iPhone, and iPad) but Chrome can go on all the devices including Apple devices.

Hence for Apple devices, Safari is its better half that understands its requirements and adapts to changes shortly.

2. Reader’s View

You must have struggled on Chrome with advertisements. They just appear anytime and nowadays, video ads play without even your permission. On the contrary, Safari delivers the best service and does not allow ads to occupy the space. It offers a reader’s view that lets you read the content and does not allow add popups to interfere.

Whereas, Chrome has an intention to show ads on almost every page. Companies like Google and Facebook heavily rely on ads for earning and so bombard the page space with unwanted and annoying ads.

Hence, if you are a sincere reader and want to escape distractions caused by ads, Safari is your reading companion.

3. Privacy and security

As a Windows user, you may find Chrome the best browser and that is reasonable. Chrome keeps coming with better security measures and performance tools. But, security and privacy policy are some of the reasons why Safari is better than Chrome. Safari manages security algorithms and applies restrictions on data while surfing the internet.

Safari comes with some restrictions such as no third-party app installment or not admitting extensions other than pre-installed. It not only complies with the privacy policy but also uses additional measures to eliminate malicious viruses on your Mac system.

Just like Safari’s private Browsing, Chrome also comes with an Incognito mode. In incognito mode; the websites browse safely and no data such as passwords or any other data is shared through the web.

But, recently Google was accused of leaking private information via incognito mode. The complainants filed a lawsuit against Google demanding $5000 compensation. Apart from that in 2018, a researcher from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee revealed that users’ private data is being shared via Google’s incognito mode.

Hence, it is crystal clear that Safari offers excellent privacy and security measures that no other browser could commit up till now.

4. Power consumption and Data usage

Chrome is both a CPU and data-hungry browser. Since it allows you to use multiple resources such as apps and extensions, it tends to consume more power than Safari.

You will be always hanging around the plug if you are using Chrome. And using a smartphone while charging generates more heat and can damage the device to some extent.

On the other side, Safari uses limited resources and so has less appetite for CPU. Not only it consumes less data but also consumes less power compared to Chrome.

5. Speed and Performance

Here applies a basic concept. Any system that uses fewer resources will perform better and will be speedy as well. On the contrary, a system that favors various resources uses more power. Such a system becomes messy and can hog anytime.

Chrome lets you use a variety of resources that amplify the performance and assist in many ways; however, it consumes more power and hogs sometimes. On the contrary, Safari uses limited resources or only important ones. Thus, there are rare chances that it hogs while you are in the middle of your work.

Hence, Safari offers better speed and performance than Chrome and lets you work smoothly for long hours.

6. Extensions

The browsers are quite smart since they are already packed with important extensions. But the technology has a job and that is to keep offering new and advanced extensions in the market. These third-party extensions can be used to amplify users’ performance and ease of work. For instance, Grammarly assists professionals and content writers in spelling mistakes and grammar ambiguity.

When it comes to access additional features or tools which are governed by third-party sources; Chrome does not hinder anything. With Chrome, you can add-on extensions and can explore various tools.

However, Safari is a bit strict when it comes to extensions that are not pre-installed. It does not allow you to add an extension from a third party and so you must be convinced with what you have on Safari.

7. User interface

Safari comes with an attractive design that takes some learning if you are a beginner or have been working on Windows before. Whereas the Chrome is as plain as the bread. It is user-friendly and you do not need to put much effort to access its features and tools.

While Chrome offers easy switching between tabs and grouping for specific tabs, Safari may not stand strong enough to be in the race.

Further, Chrome has the potential to work with multiple tabs and let you pin multiple bookmarks on the bar for future use. Besides that, you have options to switch between work and home profiles easily.

As a result, Chrome is in the top position when extensions and user interface are concerned.


Chrome on the Mac system is like a train on the metro tracks. Even if it appears similar to the metro, the speed and security would not be anywhere close to what the metro offers you. Therefore, knowing your browser is as important as choosing the right transportation for your journey.

Hence, Safari wins over Chrome in many aspects. Either features or prioritizing security, it is offering you the best. We hope the article why Safari is better than Chrome helps you to understand its popularity over Chrome.

Is Safari more efficient than Chrome?

Yes, Safari is more efficient than Chrome.

Which is the best alternative for Safari?

Chrome is the best alternative for Safari.

Why is Safari the best browser?

Because it offers speed, privacy and it is more efficient when compared to other browsers.

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