Apple Accidentally Promotes ‘Scam Apps’ In App Store

Scam Apps

Both factually and practically, Apple is considered synonymous with privacy and security. All its gadgets are most wanted and popular for their performance. But it is surprising when scam apps enter into their zone. It is not only worrisome but also disappointing at the same time. Something like this happened recently. Read on to know more.

Scam Apps On App Store

Not a long ago, Apple users from Australia noticed the presence of an app that does nothing except messing with users. As reported, Apple’s App Store published a story titled “Slime relaxation” that actually promotes apps. However, some developers noticed that the apps are scams and nothing. Such apps charge hefty amounts from the users and offer nothing in exchange.

First highlighted by Beau Nouvelle and then a day after another developer named Simeon tweeted how an app “Jelly: Slime Simulator, ASMR,” swindled users. This app interferes with ads before users can enjoy the app features and offers three days free trial. Later it charges AU$12.99 per week to unlock its full access that annually costs AU$676.

As per Apple’s App Store Review Guidelines, this app seems not to comply yet made its way to the App Store. In its Business section, it states,

“If we can’t understand how your app works or you’re in-app purchases aren’t immediately obvious, it will delay your review and may trigger a rejection. And while pricing is up to you, we won’t distribute apps and in-app purchase items that are clear rip-offs. We’ll reject expensive apps that try to cheat users with irrationally high prices.”

However, the scenario proves different and looks as if apps like these are being prompted intentionally. Since it’s not the first time Apple accidentally promotes scam apps, developers and users question the credibility of Apple’s App Store. Users and developers have high expectations from Apple. Hence, what Apple says in its defense and what action it will take is rest to be seen.