OnePlus 8T Concept Unveiled With Color-Shifting Back, Breathing Monitor

OnePlus 8T Concept

One plus has launched its first concept phone at CES at the beginning of 2020. With McLaren’s partnership; the first concept phone was launched with an electrochromic glass to hide the camera. OnePlus is continuously experimenting with electrochromic glass. Now, it can be seen in the new OnePlus 8T Concept.

According to the news, the company has extended the electrochromic glass technology at the phone’s entire backside.

OnePlus 8T Concept Unveiled

The features are given below.

1. Electrochromic Glass Back Panel

You can see a wavy pattern covers the rear panel. The back panel’s design has a colour-changing film consisting of metal oxide and has the valence state of metal ions based on the varying voltage. When the metal oxide activates; the colour changes from dark blue to light silver shade. It’s known as EMCF (Electronic, Colour, Material, and Finish).

You must be thinking that OnePlus could have used electrochromic glass; instead of giving a wavy design at the back. OnePlus is aiming to unite art and technology on its phones. The new OnePlus 8T design is inspired by flowing water in Turkey.

2. mm Wave Sensing Technology

What is the use of electrochromic glass at the back panel? It’s not just a beautiful colour-changing pattern but also has a reactive sensing technology.

The camera system on the back panel has an mm-Wave radar module. It exchanges the electromagnetic waves. CPU and DSP process the received signals, enabling the “perceive, image, locate and track objects” 8T concept of OnePlus.

3. Combination of both

To offer the two notable features, OnePlus has combined the mm-Wave sensing technology and color-shifting back panel. The first feature is touchless notifications. You will notice blue and silver back panel flashes while receiving the call. To reject the incoming call, just wave a hand over the back panel.

4. Breathing Monitor

In the new OnePlus concept, you can convert the phone into a breathing monitor. By standing behind the phone, you can record your breathing through an mm-Wave module. You can notice the counter update with the color shifting back panel that works as biofeedback devices on the screen.

OnePlus 8T is a Gimmick or Innovation?

OnePlus Gaudi Team of 39 designers from different parts of the world designed the most exclusive and natural software of the OnePlus products.

Some people think that the new technology is just a gimmick. Let’s see what OnePlus will serve its users shortly.

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