Adobe Launches Beta Versions Of Photoshop, Illustrator For The Web


On Tuesday, at its Max 2021 virtual conference, Adobe introduced the Web version of Photoshop to its users. The Illustrator app is also introduced with its web version. This update allows the users to perform basic and simple edits; eliminating the need to install the full-fledged application on their computers.

Photoshop For The Web

The web version of Photoshop aims at providing a platform to its users; wherein they can edit, share, access their creative works on both professional and personal grounds. The Adobe Photoshop web version’s added feature is that the co-workers “can review and add comments”, right in the browser without downloading.

Scott Belsky, Adobe’s chief product officer said,

“We are not bringing all the features on day one; but we want to unlock all those basic edits that are best done in the browser with whoever you’re working with”.

Belsky describes the web version as offering a “light level of editing” that works with “a real PSD” files. This means users can work on PSD files, even on the web version. Adobe is also adding a panel to the desktop to review comments people have left.

The available tools include cropping, various selection tools (magic wand, quick selection, and others); and some more advanced tools such as healing brushes. On a more professional note, the web version of Photoshop allows collaborators to comment which helps in pinpointing or highlighting a particular edit we want to make.

Creative Cloud subscribers will have access to Photoshop and Illustrator’s web version; while Photoshop on the web is available in beta. Illustrator’s web version requires an invite for beta signups. In a press meet, Adobe also clarified that the web version would be limited to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge; at this moment.

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