PlayStation 5 Release Date Speculated [Everything You Need To Know]

PlayStation 5 Release Date

Even though Sony is still keeping the exact date under wraps, but we are looking at the late 2020 release date for Sony Playstation 5. Since the competition is among the new Xbox Series X and PS5 for Christmas this year, we may have to wait further to confirm this.

Earlier the company confirmed that PlayStation will not be released till April 2020, but now the company confirmed a late 2020 release date at CES 2020.

When PlayStation 5 release date to be announced?

Going by the current COVID situation, the company may want to keep the date under wraps until it gets near to the launch date. Also, Sony assures that the pandemic hasn’t had any effect on the release of PS5 later this year.

But we expect that the information regarding the Playstation 5 release date may be consistent and we could get it by July, or an announcement in the virtual GDC 2020 in August may be on the cards.

Having had a glimpse of the sleek and bold design of the console, the fans cannot wait to get their hands on the newest gadget. Sony aims to get a big release for the PS5 version. Sony had also planned to increase its sales multifold, but the Pandemic might have just put hurdles in its plan.

Nevertheless, Sony has plans to promote the sales of PS5, as a huge outlay has been invested; and it is one of the most awaited gaming consoles for the year. The company hopes to recover its costs and in no way can afford to lose sales, and plans to do whatever in their capacity to boost the turnover.

Well, it is for the time to tell as only after the release date for the Playstation is announced; we will get to know the potential buyer number. Unless the Playstation 5 release date is revealed, only estimates can be made. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.

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