How To Share Facebook Fundraiser On Instagram?

How To Share Facebook Fundraiser On Instagram

Previously we showed you how you can create fundraisers from your Facebook page. You can create fundraisers for non-profit as well as for personal causes by simply following some steps.

Now we would like to tell you how you can share Facebook Fundraiser on Instagram profile.

Sharing fundraisers to your Instagram profile will help you increase donations and create a wider reach of your cause to other people. This way they will be drawn to your cause and ultimately help you with the donations. When a large number of people will know about your cause, the word will spread and you never know, more people will join in, and contribute to your fundraiser.

You can even set up a Donate button on your Instagram profile to be able to share a Facebook Fundraiser link.

Share Facebook Fundraiser on Instagram profile

Follow the steps below and share your fundraiser on your Instagram profile to reach more followers.

  • First, go to your profile on Instagram.
  • Then click Edit Profile.
  •  Then under the tab “Public Business Information“, click Action Button.
  • Next, add the link for the Facebook Fundraiser that has been set up for your business.
  • When you enter the link, click Done.

Now, your followers will be directed to the Facebook fundraiser instantly when they click the Donate button on your Instagram profile.

Also, note that active Get tickets, Book, Schedule and Reserve buttons on your profile will be removed automatically by adding a Donate button.

So, now that you know how to create a fundraiser and increase its reach by sharing it on your Instagram profile, would you like to set up a fundraiser? If so, what is the cause that is close to your heart? Do let us know about it and how you like this feature in the comments below.

Can you donate money on Instagram?

Yes, you can donate money directly on Instagram.

How do I link Facebook and Instagram?

To link Facebook to Instagram, open Instagram, then tap on the Profile icon on the bottom right corner, after that tap on Three lines on the top right corner, then tap on Settings, now tap on Account, after that tap on Sharing to other apps, then tap on Facebook and enter your login info.

Can you share a Facebook fundraiser on Instagram?

Yes, you can share a Facebook fundraiser on Instagram.