SharePlay Not Working In iOS 15 Yet, You Need to Wait Until Year-End

SharePlay Not Working In iOS 15

The latest iOS 15 has been launched recently, but the users are left disappointed because of SharePlay not working in iOS 15. So, if you had planned some Facetime meetings to use this feature; you will definitely get disappointed.

Every year during the fall season, Apple releases a new iOS update with some major features. The annual WWDC takes place in the summer; where all the updates in the next planned iOS version get overviewed. This year was not an exception and Apple has released the iOS 15’s major features at the WWDC’21. And now the fall is here, and so is the iOS 15.

But this update is lacking one of its promised features, which is SharePlay. It was one of the most pivotal features of the update. Every Apple users were super excited about this, but sadly it’s not going as the plans.

What is SharePlay in iOS 15?

If you have tried to make some FaceTime calls as soon as your device is upgraded to iOS 15, faced the issues, and think that you are the only one having this problem; no, you are not. But if you are among those, who are not aware of what this is about; for them, a brief introduction to SharePlay is given here.

It is the latest software enhancement that was promised to come with the iOS 15 update. It is supposed to allow the recipients to watch movies, shows, listen to music or podcasts together while being on FaceTime call. In fact, every recipient will have the access to control the playback for the programs.

FaceTime calls are possible with Android and Windows users. But the SharePlay feature is limited to only Apple users. Even among Apple users; this feature can be used only on devices with iOS 15 or iPadOS 15. This means all the recipients on a call need to have compatible devices with the latest OS version.

When this feature was showcased by Apple on the WWDC; the list of the supported apps was not so long. Navigations were claimed to be made within Apple TV, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts during the call. But Apple promised to add bigger third-party platforms to add into the list, which included HBO Max, Disney Plus, Twitch, TikTok, Paramount Plus, etc.

Reason Why SharePlay Not Working In iOS 15

There is practically no mention of SharePlay in the official release of iOS 15. Since Apple has announced prior to the launch that the SharePlay feature will not be available on the official iOS 15 release, it’s not a surprise for the users. In fact, Apple has also announced that it will be a part of the next updates of iOS.

SharePlay is even removed from the beta version, whereas the earlier builds used to include this feature. Apple has also asked the app developers not to develop any third-party apps based on SharePlay, or any app updates which include something related to SharePlay.

Expected Release Of SharePlay In iOS

There is no such confirmation of the release but according to Apple, this feature might be included in the upcoming beta releases. And the public release might take place after the fall season. That means it might be up during late October or so.


SharePlay not working in iOS 15 is definitely an unpleasant incident for Apple users. Though Apple has not made any statements regarding the reason behind this delay; the speculations are point towards only one point that is the feature might not be working as it’s supposed to. So, the developers need more time to fix it.