How To Stop YouTube From Buffering? [Easy Guide]

Stop YouTube From Buffering

One of the most frustrating things that could happen when you’re relaxing and watching a video, but it starts buffering. Most of the time, you tend to lose interest in the video or you’d want to throw away your phone, the WiFi, or the entire network system. But don’t worry. In this article, we will help you on how to stop YouTube from buffering. So, you can enjoy your favorite videos on YouTube without any hassle.

What causes YouTube to buffer?

YouTube is the most used video-content bearing application and is the go-to for any sort of video. Having that buffer is very irritating. Sometimes, even if you try to move forward a bit, it begins to buffer.

One of the reasons is the slow connection of your internet to the YouTube servers. While traveling buffering can occur because of low signal quality. Sometimes, it can occur due to browser problems or application issues. Often your bandwidth may not support the high-quality of your videos making it lag or glitch.

Methods To Stop YouTube From Buffering

Want to watch some good videos back to back without buffering issues? There are solutions you can employ to avoid falling into these situations. We’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts for you to avoid buffering.

Keep an eye on Internet Speed

Test your internet speed with the help of internet-speed checkers. Knowing the Mbps helps you decide which quality videos can be played without buffering.

Check for ISP throttling

This happens when a particular website is being used by many users, so the network provider blocks or slows it down. Some video streaming platforms like YouTube and Netflix throttles bandwidth when traffic is high. You can check by playing content on another website. To combat this, use VPN and applications that secure good VPN like Psiphon or Speedify.

Restart your device

This works wonders most of the time. Sometimes a lot of applications can overload the cache. Restarting the device helps clear the cache and YouTube may work smoothly.

Switch browsers or devices

Google Chrome tends to support YouTube the best, so switching over to this can help. Sometimes videos play faster on the phone than on the website, so switching might be a good idea. Some places offer an offline download option and that could be used to avoid buffering altogether.

These are sure-fire ways to optimize the buffering of YouTube videos. We hope these tips help in troubleshooting the buffering problems. Happy watching!

What causes Internet buffering?

The main cause for Internet buffering is weak internet connection.

Would a better router increase Internet speed?

Yes, installing a better router will increase your signal strength and internet speed.

Does a VPN slow down your Internet speed?

It depends on the VPN brand, if you are using a good VPN service it may increase your internet speed but if you using a bad VPN it will decrease the internet speed.