Xiaomi Tipped To Launch Three Foldable Phones In 2021

Three Foldable Phones

As per rumours, Xiaomi might launch three foldable phones by 2021. CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants Ross Young has shared this news of development on Twitter. Moreover, other smartphone giants like Oppo and Samsung are also working on foldable phones. He also mentioned that Samsung is also planning to launch multiple phone models in 2021. And the company is working on it for a long time.

Three Foldable Phones By Xiaomi

According to Young’s tweet, the next foldable phone will be launch by Xiaomi. He also said that users could expect three foldable smartphones from Xiaomi in 2021. The three design types of the phone will be out folding, in-folding, and clamshell. But he didn’t mention which kind of model will come first into the market. Few reports say that with Samsung Display and LG Display, Xiaomi has already placed an order for foldable OLED type panels for a clamshell.

Young said Samsung might launch Galaxy Z Fold 3 (not confirmed name) with a smaller display in one tweet. The display will be smaller than its predecessor Galaxy Z Fold 2 (Rs. 149,998). He also mentioned that the foldable phone display would be reduced from 7.59 inches to 7.55 inches. And the cover display of Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be smaller (6.21 inches) compared to its predecessor (6.23 inches) as Samsung wants to have space for its S Pen.

Moreover, Samsung will use a 6.7-inch display in its Galaxy Z Flip 3/ Flip Lite. The South Korean giant will also combine low-temperature polycrystalline silicon (LTPO) technology and a refresh rate of 120Hz on the Galaxy phone.

Even one source reclaimed that Samsung will launch Galaxy Z Fold Lite, Galaxy Z Flip 2, and Galaxy Z Fold 3 – all the three foldable smartphones in 2021. Also, Samsung will be using extra thin glass as cover windows and will use them in designing. The Display of all three phones will be different.

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