7 TikTok Creative Heads Jobs & Posts You Can Apply

TikTok Creative Head Jobs

TikTok is a video-sharing app with the largest social media usage that enables users to create 3-minute clips on whatever they choose. It’s the world’s 7th most popular platform, with customers ranging from 16 to 49 years old. A whopping 40% of platform users are below 25.

Why TikTok is good for your career?

TikTok made a goal to provide a shared not-to-professional environment distinguishing from other social networking platforms. Further popularity and rapid spread created a huge demand for dozens of creative jobs. So if you are interested in working on the platform, you can try to work with TikTok in Nashville or any other US city. A lot of career benefits linked to the platform include:

  • Availability of a collaborative platform that can help you to form groups of creators with comparable skills.
  • Hundreds of ways to create amazing content, as well as the skills that are in high demand and where you should focus your time and energy.
  • It aids in the optimization of your brand’s internet presence by informing you of hot subjects and raising brand recognition.
  • Providing you with different content as well as social media contest concepts to help you maintain constant interaction on your page.
  • As an employer, it allows you to get to know the candidate as a person, rather than just a set of words written on paper.

7 Tiktok Creative Heads Jobs

 7 popular TikTok creative heads jobs you can find on the every job site we gathered in the list:

Brand Art Director

As a brand art director, you will be a member of a creative studio that works across various touchpoints. You will also work closely with the broad team of in-house creatives. You are ideal for this position if you’re passionate about designs and creativity, can smoothly transition from concept to implementation, and move at the pace of culture.

Creative Account Manager

As a creative account manager, you are responsible for converting any mobile game/app materials into smart, understandable clips or interactive creatives. You will also convert marketing research insights into campaign scale and performance measurement to produce the greatest future creative to run on the company’s platforms.

Creative Manager-Motion Designer

As a Motion Designer, you’ll be in charge of producing, editing, and providing performance-based video commercials for clients. You should also be knowledgeable about the most popular TikTok trends.

Head Of The Production

The Head of Production will expand and oversee his production team, providing the top quality content and experiential ads that harness the best of TikTok’s creators, formats, and culture. The ideal candidate is an experienced digital producer and project manager with expertise and impressive talents on the social content front lines.

Head Of Creative Studio

This role would be in charge of assisting with creative production. The best candidate should be skilled in art direction, copy, and production as well as have the ability to inspire and lead a big creative team.

Furthermore, you’ll be part of a studio that works across various touchpoints and leads a varied group of in-house inventive. This includes minor in-app assets to huge above-the-line ads.

Creative Strategist

As a creative strategist, you’ll convert client objectives, audience statistics, and cultural trends into valuable creative insights and ideas for partners. You’ll also support marketing plans and sales teams to create and pitch comprehensive, integrated ads to a varied portfolio of cross-category customers.

Head of Creative Lab

You’ll be in charge of the creative team, which will evolve and optimize creative consulting practice, generate culture-defining initiatives, and build an industry-leading team that will consistently deliver on the objective. In order to assist efforts with brands and agencies, you will work with cross-functional teams.

Final Word

TikTok can give you a great opportunity to get a good job and make a great career. The platform brings people from all over the world together.

One major objective of TikTok is to encourage creativity while instilling joy among the users. To accomplish this, the platform is dedicated to recognizing and supporting different voices, as well as establishing a setting that reflects the diverse populations served.

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