Ultimate Guide To TikTok App [Step-By-Step Guide]

Ultimate Guide To TikTok

Here’s an ultimate guide to TikTok for you, with the help of this guide you can learn everything related to TikTok App. But before that let’s talk about what is TikTok and why should everyone must use it.

Ultimate Guide To TikTok

Before diving into the ultimate guide to TikTok, have a look at this information.

TikTok is the fastest-growing short video creation App, previously known as Musically. It is used in 150 countries and has more than 500 million users worldwide.

If you have a talent, you can make people crazy with a video of 15-60 Seconds. It is so popular among the youths because it allows youths to showcase their talents to the world and to get popular.

Simply, TikTok is emerging as the best platform for professionals. For instance, if you are a photographer and want to showcase your talent to the world to grab new clients for a portfolio photoshoot. Then you can make and post slideshows on TikTok.

There are many effects and editing features available in it, which can be used for video editing. After shooting the video, you can publish it on TikTok. After publishing the video, you can share it on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc., and can also download TikTok video.

If you also want to showcase your talent to the world, then keep reading this ultimate guide to TikTok. You will get complete information about the TikTok app. How can TikTok be downloaded? How TikTok works? But before that let’s have a brief look over the History of becoming TikTok from Musically.

History of TikTok

Earlier TikTok was known as Musically. But the tech giant a Chinese ByteDance Company bought it and named it TikTok. Earlier this app was not very much popular in India, but after the arrival of Jio, the internet became cheaper and TikTok became quite famous. Today, every Smartphone user has this app on his phone and he spends more time on it. That’s why it’s getting more popular day by day.

Be that as it may but the main question of concern for parents does ikTok has parental control. Because many narrow-minded people post foul language and double-meaning content on TikTok. Although TikTok removes them when it comes to their notice still there are chances that it appears on the screen; while a child is seeing videos on TikTok.

How To Download TikTok App?

Many of you who are reading this post may have TikTok installed on your phone. But there may be some people who are reading about TikTok, the very first time. So, we have included this point here.

  • First of all, open the play store on your phone.
Open Play Store
  • Select “Search” and Enter “TikTok”.
  • Then, tap on “TikTok”.
Search TikTok In Play Store
  • And then select “Install”.
Install TikTok
  • Congratulations, TikTok has been successfully installed on your Smartphone.

Bonus tip, if you have a Smartphone with lower Ram and Storage. Then you can install the Lite version of the TikTok app. The procedure to install TikTok Lite is the same all you just have to do is you just have to search in Google Play Store for TikTok Lite. That’s it.

How to set up the TikTok app for first-time use?

After installing TikTok the next step is to set up the TikTok app for the first time. So, that it can recommend videos based on your interest.

  • Open TikTok App.
Open TikTok
  • Then, select the categories of the video you want to see.
Choose Your Interests
  • Select the preferred language in which you want to see the video.
Choose Preferred Language
  • Congratulations, you have done.

Now you can start seeing the videos as per your preference. By default, the home page is set to the “For You” where TikTok recommends the video based on your interests, saved at the time of the first time set up.

On the right side of For You, there is an option i.e. Following. It lets you follow a creator. Suppose you like a specific creator video and you want to see his/her every video then you can follow that creator by tapping on the + icon right under the profile picture of the creator.

But to follow creator videos as well as to make and upload videos on Tiktok, you need to have an account on TikTok. So, let’s know how to create an account on TikTok.

How to Create an Account on TikTok?

There are many ways to create an account on TikTok. For instance, you can create an account using your Email-ID, Phone Number, Facebook, Twitter, and even with your Google account. But we are going to tell you to create an account using a phone number.

  • Open TikTok App
  • Click on the “Me” icon. Now, a new window will open up.
Me Profile TikTok
  • Select “Use phone or email”.
Use Phone Number To Signup TikTok
  • Then, in a new window fill up your date of birth.
Enter Your Birth Date
  • Enter your phone number and tap on “Next”.
  • Make sure to select your country code like for India, it is +91.
Enter Phone Number TikTok
  • And then select the red arrow.
  • You will receive an OTP from TikTok, just enter that OTP.
  • Congratulations, now, you are ready to go.

In the event, your phone is lost or for any reason, you want to change your phone number on TikTok. TikTok also allows you to do this. Now the next step is to set a profile picture.

How to set a profile picture on TikTok?

You must have your photo as a profile picture. If you are coming on TikTok to get famous, the following are steps to set a profile picture.

  • Open TikTok App.
  • Tap on the “Me” option.
  • Now, you will see an option to “Edit profile”, select it.
Edit TikTok Profile
  • If you want to set a profile picture that is in your Gallery, then select “Photos”, otherwise tap on “Take a photo” to open your camera App.
Change Photo Gallery
  • After selecting or taking your photo, tap on “Confirm”.
  • Now, select “Save”.
  • Your profile picture has been set successfully.

Please note, in the future if you want to change the profile picture, follow the exact procedure. In addition to this, if you ever want to change your username on TikTok, follow the following method.

  • Open TikTok App.
  • Select “Me”.
  • Then, select “Edit Profile”.
  • There, you will see your username, starting with @
TikTok Username
  • Now, tap on it and set your new username.
  • Then, tap on “Save”.

Before saving your new TikTok username, make sure you have entered it correctly. Otherwise, you will have to wait 30 days, to change your TikTok user name again.

Bonus Tip, always use your picture, it will help you in the future to get your TikTok account verified. Besides this, you can also add your YouTube and Instagram accounts to your profile. It gives a boost to your TikTok profile. If you want to know, how to add other social media accounts to your TikTok account profile. Let us know by comment, we will create a separate post. Now start creating videos and be ready to get popular.

How to make TikTok videos?

  • Open “TikTok app”.
  • Select the “+” icon to create your Video.
TikTok Plus Sign
  • Now TikTok will request some permissions, Allow it
TikTok Red Button
  • Tap on Red circle, the video will start to record
  • Now, you can add filters if you want to add or select “Save” directly.
  • Now, you will have the option to give a caption to the video and to Add hashtags.
  • After adding these details, tap on “Post”.
  • Now, your video is published on TikTok.

Sometimes, it happens that we want to create TikTok videos but unfortunately internet pack gets over or due to poor connectivity in remote areas where the internet doesn’t work at all.

If you ever get in this situation, then don’t take tension you can still create TikTok videos without the internet. Because TikTok also allows you to upload videos from Phone Gallery. So, just open your camera app and save your videos. So, next time when you will have internet connectivity, you can upload those videos on TikTok.

Sometimes, it happens that on TikTok a creator also gets trolled, and if you get in this situation. Then you can delete the TikTok video.

How to make videos with other creators on TikTok?

You must have seen videos on TikTok in which you see two frames. This type of video on TikTok is called duet videos. In the event, you want to make duets with someone on TikTok you can follow the following procedure.

  • Open the TikTok app.
  • Tap the video, you want to make a duet with.
  • Now, Tap on the share icon.
  • Then, you will see an option to Duet.
Select Duet TikTok
  • Record your video and post it.
Record Duet TikTok

In addition to video posting, you can also make post gifs videos on TikTok.

Bonus tip, if you want to make a duet later, then you may face difficulty in finding that video again. So, you can follow that person to save his profile on your following list. So, that whenever you got time to make a duet, you can easily make duet videos, the procedure is:

  • Open TikTok.
  • Tap on “Following”.
  • Tap on that creator video.
  • Open his profile and tap on the video you want to make a duet with.
  • The further procedure is the same as we have mentioned already.

On the off chance, you make a video but you don’t want people to comment on it. Then you can also turn off comments on TikTok for that particular video.

You can also disable comments for every video. If you want to let us know in the Comment Section below, we are waiting to hear from you.

In addition to this, you can also make your TikTok Account Private. The benefit of this is that nobody can follow you without your permission. If anybody wants to follow you, you will receive a notification to approve their request. Moreover, the benefit of making your TikTok account private is if anybody does vulgar comments on your video. You can remove his access to your videos. So, let’s know how to make TikTok account private.

  • Open Tiktok App.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Tap on 3 dots in the upper right corner.
  • Then, tap on Privacy and Safety.
  • Now, tap on Private Account.
  • Bang on, you have successfully made your account private.

How to know your favorite creator has just posted a video on TikTok?

On the off chance, you want to get a notification on TikTok for a particular creator, you like most. You can do it very easily. Let’s know, how?

  • Open TikTok.
  • Go to the profile of the creator, you want to receive notification for and tap on “Follow”
  • After follow go back to your Profile
  • Now, tap on 3 dots, in the upper right corner.
  • Then, tap on “Turn on Notifications”.
Turn On Creators Notification
  • Congratulations, you have turned on notification successfully.

The main problem most of the TikTok users face is their videos not getting views. Well if you are also facing the same problem. Then, you should definitely check out our article on videos not getting views on TikTok.

So to get more followers on TikTok, be consistent, do reply to your followers’ comments. As the person who follows you wants to hear from you. This doesn’t mean you have to reply personally to every comment; you can like their comments only.

Do share the TikTok QR code on your other social media accounts. It works just like UPI, whoever will scan your code, will be redirected to your TikTok profile.

In addition to sharing QR codes; come live on TikTok at least once a week. This is indeed the best way to get more followers and views on TikTok.

Create unique content this will help you get your videos to feature on TikTok FYP. If you don’t know; what does fyp mean on TikTok.

Then don’t worry, we would like to tell you that this is a page on TikTok you can find in the search section of TikTok. On this page, TikTok suggests videos to its users based on their interests. TikTok gets to know about its users’ interests by analyzing what type of videos, he/she is spending more time on.

So, I think we have covered almost everything related to TikTok in our ultimate guide to TikTok. If you think, we have missed something you can tell us under the comment section. Thanks for the read. Have a good day!

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