Pokemon Go Creator Announces New AR Game Transformers


Niantic, the creator of one of the most popular AR games Pokemon Go, has recently announced the arrival of another augmented reality game named Transformers: Heavy Metal.

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Niantic is a well-known game developer for AR games, which it has gifted to people. Pokemon Go, Ingress, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite are the well admired AR games from Niantic. That’s why it is expected that ‘Transformers: Heavy Metal’ which will be launched soon; will also be able to create a sensation among the players.

About Transformers: Heavy Metal

The ‘Transformers’ was a matter of a great deal back in the mid-80s. And it is still popular among the people from that generation. Niantic has tied up with Seattle’s Very Very Spaceship studio as the development studio for this new AR game.

Niantic has shared some screenshots of the game, where some Autobots are seen. Therefore we get to know that, this new game will have some Autobots like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. It is also reported that in this augmented reality game; the players will be joining a Guardian Network. A group of humans is expected to be teamed up with the mentioned Autobots. And together they are most likely to save the world from Decepticons.

Niantic has partnered with Hasbro to announce the launch of their new augmented reality game. Though this game is expected to be launched later this year; but it is also reported that the beta version of this game will be available shortly in specific regions.

The registration process to get the beta version has been going on the official website of Transformers: Heavy Metal. Users, who have completed the registration via the official website of the game, will be notified once the beta version gets available for their location.

Although Niantic has not mentioned anything specific about the time of the beta launch. It is also unknown that which regions will be among the first ones to avail the beta version.