Uber Hacked! What Can You Do In This Case?

Uber Hacked

Is Uber Hacked? According to Uber, they are still analyzing their cybersecurity problem after various customers started reporting that they have been hacked. The incident of Uber Hacked was later confirmed when the company found one of its networks had been compromised. They immediately closed all the engineering and internal communication systems after the “Uber Hacked” incident.

An 18-year kid pulled off the “Uber Hacked” incident. He said he has administrator access to Uber’s Google Cloud and Amazon Web services. Due to this issue, various Uber internal systems have been taken down. These systems also include Slack.

“Uber Hacked” Gig Was Pulled Off By An 18-Year-Old

The security engineer of the Yuga labs, Sam Curry, has said that the hacker possesses almost all the information of the company which puts a huge bump in the road. The Verge has reported that the company is not trying to answer any questions and queries regarding this issue right now.

Now, let’s see how the hacker announced his wrongdoing. On Thursday, the kid texted all the employees of Uber saying “I announce I am a hacker, and Uber has suffered a data breach”.

The text also had a list of internal servers that had been hacked by the hacker. Later hacker also posted that Uber underpays its drivers. He also bragged by saying that he has spent years learning these hacking skills.
Now, he claims that he did all this so quickly because the company has not paid attention to its cybersecurity systems. This message was so unbelievable that many of the employees thought this was a prank.

What Should You Do In This Incident?

Nothing much, it is a true but harsh answer to this question. Just change your password and add 2-factor authentication to your account. Don’t be scared about this “Uber Hacked” incident, just try to pay attention to any other announcement from the company itself.