10 Best Sandbox Games Like Minecraft [Top Picks]

Best Sandbox Games Like Minecraft

Today, we are going to talk about the best sandbox games like Minecraft. Sandbox simply means the game which does not put you in a story and allows the players to decide what they want to do. Minecraft is the biggest and most played sandbox game of all time. This game has everything to offer and keeps you busy for hours while playing. Some things like endless maps, unique biomes, and various enemies with plenty of enchantments that make your tools stronger.

Each player will get a different feeling while playing Minecraft. Yes, not a single game has come close to this masterpiece. But many trials and errors have taught other developers to create new and best sandbox games like Minecraft. They have not been able to take down Minecraft but still gave the master a knocking competition. Each game is different in components and gameplay. Make sure you choose the right one by reading all the details given below.

List Of Best Sandbox Games Like Minecraft

The games you’ll see below are competitors of Minecraft and not cheap makeover game that copies Minecraft. Each game has something that competes Minecraft for example, better gameplay, better open-world aspects, etc.

Also remember, all the games are as good as the other. This list is not a ranked series. You can play any game that suits your taste. We are not here to demote or promote any game. This is a pure recommendation list based on the likability of games like Minecraft.

1. Subnautica


Do you like deep sea diving? Well, Subnautica is the game for you. It is a survival kind of horror game that takes place underwater where you collect materials to craft tools and equipment. Instead of zombies and skeletons, you confront different types of sea monsters.

The basic structure of this game is quite similar to Minecraft but everything happens under the sea. This definitely is a unique game.

  • Availability: macOS, Windows, PS5, PS4, Xbox S/X, Xbox One, Nintendo.
  • Download: Steam ($29.99)

2. No Man’s Sky

No Man’s Sky

Making other open-world games seem like child’s play. This game has almost defeated Minecraft due to the open-world universe. That’s right, not just a regular land map, a whole freaking universe is what you roam. You can find places to live or meet other players. Find stuff to create things that help you to survive. Discover unique and weird creatures.

You won’t even imagine what this game has to offer. Keep going forward and you might find something that you haven’t seen, even after playing for hours. If you want a game that has a crafting-based system but also something that is modern and a bit different than Minecraft, go for this.

If you desire to play this on your PC, make sure your desktop has minimum specifications to run this game. One of the highest graphic demanding games on this list with stunning visuals that take it on another level.

  • Availability: PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Windows, macOS.
  • Download: Steam ($59.99)

3. Eco


Another video game that will provide you resources that you can collect to build an empire. But being different from Minecraft, where you have to take care of the environment while creating creative ways to keep yourself alive. The intensity kicks in when you use a lot of coal for fuel and start to see the air getting polluted.

If you keep cutting down trees for usage, your game’s ecosystem will keep getting fragile. Minecraft does not punish you for your actions. Whatever you do, you will face many consequences. We recommend you play Eco mode so that you can feel the responsibility that you have to carry while playing.

  • Availability: macOS, Windows, Linux
  • Download: Steam ($29.99)

4. Starbound


Just like Minecraft, this game also tells you to create a world and then protect it from your enemies. It starts with the annihilation of our planet Earth. You travel to a new planet in your spacecraft. When you find a new planet that is habitable, you start your adventurous journey.

As you progress through the game you will notice various mysteries and surprises come along the way. The game design is something really unique to look at, some might even find it a bit cozy for playing.

  • Availability: PS4, Xbox One, Windows, macOS, Linux, PS Vita.
  • Download: Steam ($14.99)

5. Terraria


Somewhat similar to Minecraft but is 2D. Just like Minecraft, this one makes you roam around in the jungle/forest and collect materials that you can use to survive. The first time you boot the game, you will get a sword and pickaxe to fight against mobs like skeletons, zombies, and eyes that are flying. Yup, that’s true.
But remember that Minecraft is 3D, this is not.

Minecraft has a vast variety of options but this game is quite linear. You can’t just look directly and go there. You will have a specific path that you have to follow. It is one of the most popular games after Minecraft. You can see many big YouTubers playing this game.

  • Availability: macOS, Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox, One, Xbox S/X, Wii U, Nintendo, PS Vita, Microsoft Phone.
  • Download: Steam ($9.99)

6. Astroneer


A very different game where you start your journey on a distant planet. The game takes place in 25th century. Be a part of Astroneer and collect resources to explore the universe and unravel the truth behind the universe’s existence.

Just like Minecraft, you will have to play solo and find different ways to stay alive. Build vehicles and space stations that help you travel and provide shelter. The graphics are something you should play this game for.

  • Availability: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo, Windows.
  • Download: Steam ($29.99)

7. Roblox


Roblox is a different game than all the others. Here, the players can make their own games and play them with their friends with the multiplayer option. It feels like Minecraft because here you invite your friends to create or enhance your existing world. You could have a world where you have to survive by creating weapons and finding food to survive.

It lets you create your own interesting digital ecosystem where players can come and find challenges. The online world might try to destroy your world. The immersiveness of this game makes it more compelling than Minecraft. The list of best sandbox games like Minecraft can’t be complete without this game. This game has already taken the internet under its control, maybe it’s time that it takes “You” for a ride.

  • Availability: macOS, Windows, iOS, Xbox One, Android.
  • Download: Free on the official website

8. Lego Worlds

Lego Worlds

It is a game that really feels a lot like Minecraft from all the aspects, surprises, survival, discoveries, and the creation of new things from your imagination. Obviously, the game is 3D and has incredible graphics that will keep you mesmerized for hours.

You can build many things in the world including helicopters. Collect rare materials to get rewards and the rewards will help you to reach new levels. This is perfect for kids, as it is a family-friendly game. All the Lego fans love to play this game. Take a deeper dive into the Lego Worlds universe.

  • Availability: PS4, Nintendo, Xbox One, Windows.
  • Download: Steam ($29.99)

9. Trove


It is one of the best games like Minecraft. This game looks a lot like Minecraft in Graphics. If we ignore the graphics, the game has a good co-op feature where each avatar has special abilities. The unique set of characters does make a difference when it comes to the gameplay.

One thing that might attract some players is it’s action-packed gameplay. Minecraft might seem a bit vanilla for some but, it’s a good switch for players who only play action games.

  • Availability: macOS, Windows, PS4, Nintendo, Xbox One.
  • Download: Steam (Free)

10. Craft The World

Craft The World

This game comes in the best sandbox games like Minecraft category because you can lead dwarfs to get back what is yours from mobs. The same procedure is followed, where you find, craft, build, and then protect. You have to create lookout stations to keep the enemies away from your home.

Just like the game Terraria, this game is in 2D and is quite difficult to beat. Players who like challenges might find this game interesting. Keep in mind, it is not easy as it looks.

  • Availability: Windows and iOS
  • Download: Steam ($18.99)

Final Words

You don’t get games like Minecraft every year. Games like these come once in a decade. Luckily, Minecraft has been able to update with time. Everyone has a different choice. If you like games that have action then choose Trove, if you like building then choose Lego Worlds.

Just know what you really want to play and accordingly make a decision. No matter which one you choose, they will make you feel great and are worth it. So this was our list of the best Sandbox games like Minecraft, hope you liked it and found your next game.

Which game is a copy of Minecraft?

Terraria is a copy of Minecraft.

What genre is Minecraft?

Minecraft comes in the Sandbox genre.

What age is appropriate for Minecraft?

Above 10 years of age is appropriate for Minecraft.