WhatsApp Number Not Valid For Country [Know How To Fix]

WhatsApp Number Not Valid For Country

WhatsApp, a familiar name to all, is a widely used platform that allows its users to text, make audio or video calls, send documents, and much more. All the instructions provided by the creators to download and use this application are crisp and clear. Even then, at times, there is a chance for certain unexpected hurdles. For example, WhatsApp number not valid for country.

But there is no need at all to get tensed up. This happens only if the number provided and the country selected do not match. Let us unravel this difficulty.

Steps To Solve WhatsApp Number Not Valid For Country Issue

First, the phone number provided should certainly be an active one, for receiving an OTP (One Time Password) later in the process. Also, keep in mind landline numbers and VoIP are not accepted by WhatsApp.

Usually, in such circumstances, a dialogue box with a notification pops up. The warning box will mention that the number provided is invalid for the country chosen. Click ‘OK’ and return to the previous screen and edit again as follows:

  • Select your country from the drop-down list, WhatsApp has provided. The code for the selected country will fill in automatically.
  • Next, enter your phone number without any errors.

For instance, a correct Indian phone number will have a +91 extension, followed by 10 digits.

Now, wait for a response. If the information entered is correct, an OTP will show up in your text messages inbox for verification. If there is an error again, the previous dialogue box will pop up once more.

You can cross-check the details once again. But, considering the fact that all information entered is accurate, you can do one of two things. One alternative is to write to WhatsApp’s customer support. If so, do give your phone number in an international format and a brief description of the issue faced. You can also try contacting your network provider for further details.

Can I send WhatsApp messages without Internet?

No, you can’t send messages without Internet.

Do video calls on WhatsApp cost money?

No, WhatsApp requires a good internet connection.

Does WhatsApp have a call time limit?

No, there is no call limit on WhatsApp. You can call anyone as long as you want.

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