Why Is Instagram Called Instagram? [Complete Information]

Why Is Instagram Called Instagram

Instagram is a free platform to sign up and its basic functions include sharing videos and photos of various niches. This application is used by so many individuals across the world. But sometimes, we all have a question in our mind “Why is Instagram called Instagram?”.

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Why Is Instagram Called Instagram? (Reasons)

Here are some main reasons why this application is named as Instagram.

The Beginning

Kevin Systrom, as well as his co-founder Mike Krieger, are graduates of the prestigious Stanford University. Their excellent performances and intellect landed them into one of the most prestigious firms such as Microsoft, Meebo, Google, and Odeo (which is currently known by the name Twitter).

Systrom’s main interests comprised photography as well as social products. While he was studying in his junior year, he took up a photography course in Florence, Italy. During this time, he learned about the concept of square photos.

Before Instagram, Both Systrom and Krieger worked together on a project and the name of that project was “Burbn” due to Systrom’s interest in Bourbon and Whiskeys.

Due to its complicated user interface, the project did not launch. They tried to simplify this application and left them with features such as images, comments, and likes which led to the birth of Instagram. Facebook’s Mark Zukerberg approached Systrom, during his studies, to join him with Facebook. He denied this offer which paid off much later in the future.


The platform’s introduction to the world took place in the year 2010. Instagram’s headquarters location is in San Fransisco, California. It is currently owned by Facebook but founded by two other people. The two individuals go by the name of Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom. With the click of a button, the platform allows sharing of pictures and videos taken by an individual easily.

The content not only uploaded on Instagram but allowed to be posted on other platforms as well. The other platforms include Tumblr, Flicker, Twitter, and Facebook. Instagram gained notable recognition in a very short period of time. Within two months of its launch, they had one million users registered to their service.

This was a massive milestone as it broke records at that moment. Facebook took 10 months and Twitter took 24 months to achieve the same results. Tumblr took the longest to reach this milestone which was 27 months.

Origin of the word

By forming two words ‘instant-camera’ and ‘telegram’; it comes up with a new name “Instagram”. Systrom, one of the founders of this application, wanted to add meaning to the name. He wanted the name to be a representation of the concept of RHRN (Right here, right now) along with recording lived experiences of the users of this platform.

Final Words

This application has been quite successful for a decade now and does not fail to please its audience. It is constantly coming up with innovations and features to keep the users engaged. This application releases features, rapidly to keep up with the latest trends and to keep its users engaged. Some examples of them are hyper-lapse, hashtags, video-sharing, and direct messages.

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