Why Linux Is Not Popular As Windows? [Detailed Info]

Why Linux Is Not Popular As Windows

There are many reasons that add up to the unpopularity of Linux. Linux had come quite late in the market so, there is no way that Linux can remove Microsoft from the industry but it can surely make its own identity. This is the Era that contributes more to technology. On desktops or laptops, there is only Microsoft Windows which is the most frequently and commonly installed OS. In the most approximate way, it is installed around 77% to 87.8% all over the world. Apple’s macOS accounts for around 9.6–13%, Google’s Chrome OS is up to 6% (in the US) and the rest is the Linux distributions which are about 2% only. Now, people wonder why Linux is not popular as Windows?

A simple reason for it, Windows has much better manufacturer driver support than macOS or Linux. The only main reason why Linux is not popular as Windows because Linux is not an OS it is a Kernal and Linux Kernel has around 27.8 million lines of code. If Linux is an OS, then the game would get changed and the scenario would be quite different and competitive today.

Why Linux Is Not Popular As Windows?

  • Windows is easy to use and people prefer simple things over complex ones even if the complex ones come free of cost. Linux lost the battle because it is not much advertised and people do not rely on it because it is hard to use.
  • It sounds funny but availability has also influenced a great deal in making Windows popular as it is easily available everywhere.
  • A maximum number of applications are available for Windows that helps you to get your job done whereas Linux has a limited number of applications.
  • Windows comes integrated into a large number of desktops or laptops. It is everywhere and it is quite tough to remove it.
  • Windows have undoubtedly better customer support to get the problems fixed easily.

Why Windows is More Popular?


In today’s times, the cost has a big impact on the users or buyers. The cost of a Windows laptop/desktop is quite less compared to Apple MacBooks and Apple is more like a brand that is often owned by the rich.

Linux is absolutely free of cost but a set of skills are required to use it. So, the low cost and easy user interface make Windows more popular among others.

Hardware and User Friendly

Windows is absolutely independent and does not require any special skills. So, anyone can use it without any hassle. Whereas Linux was never made for general-purpose use, it is especially for programmers.


Every one of us knows about the pirated Windows OS copies which are available on the Internet. We can install them quite easily and things are good to go. Whereas Linux is a bit hard to install. Back in the time when it was created, there was no such GUI for Linux which further made it impossible to install it on personal computers.

But now, there are much better GUI for Linux but still, the perception of its being hard to install continues. Anyone can install it but they do it only for its very specific use.

On the desktop, Windows is still quite popular than others. There are basically a few reasons for that and two of the most important ones are – marketing and being preinstalled. Additionally, Windows has more and more hardware and software support that contributes more in the popularity of the company.

What affects Linux’s popularity?

Some of the factors combine together affecting the Linux popularity in today’s times.

Corporate volume licensing

The corporate volume licensing has made the mechanism to make their products inexpensive than other companies so that the customers will invest in them.

Packaging software

There is only a single way of packaging software in Linux (unlike Windows) which lets people believe that Linux provides fewer facilities than Windows.

Poor support for games

Linux is worst for games and Windows is the best for games. In today’s generation, people play video games more than outdoor games; and undoubtedly Windows’s good support for games has made it popular among the young generation. That is also affecting Linux’s popularity.

The Conclusion

Linux is no doubt brilliantly good and has turned every table down in giving competition to Windows, but the above reasons are enough to make us understand why Linux is not popular as Windows.

Why Linux will never become mainstream?

Because there are not many desktops or laptops that comes with pre-installed Linux OS.

Is Linux more popular than Windows?

No, Windows is more powerful than Linux.

Will Linux replace Windows?

Its very hard to replace Windows as it is at the number one spot when it comes to quantity of users.