Windows 10X: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Windows 10X

Talking about the latest and happening tech-developments, Windows 10X is topping the list today. This has been one of the most powerful technological advancements possible to get your hands onto by providing an operating system that supports foldable PCs and devices. 

It is a fact, that foldable PCs and devices are the are new in-thing and soon, will be taking over the computer market. So, if you are as excited as we are, about knowing Windows 10X in-depth; then keep reading this article till the end, as we, are going to tell you everything, you need to know.

Windows 10X – What is this?

Sporting a code name Santoni, Windows 10X is nothing that you expect it to be. Similar, but not the same, Windows 10X is the brother variant to Windows 10 & 10S. The main highlight and motive behind this operating system are to support foldable PCs and devices. This is indeed a software of the future and will soon take over the market in no time.

Talking about its capabilities and functionalities, Windows 10X comes with many customizable features which allows it to be a smooth flowing and hassle-free OS to deal with. Facts being stated, Windows 10X is just like any other desktop OS, but, is more modern, fast, compatible, and a perfect match for futuristic devices.

New Features

While the latest operating system has just given its entry into the tech market and we are not disappointed. While the launch had a lot to say about the new Operating System, still, it did not reveal much about its functioning. As they have cleverly kept most of the details untouched and unrevealed; few things have been given out during the media briefing about its features.

User Interface

Talking about the user interface of Windows 10X, it no longer supports a traditional start menu. Instead, they have jumped onto a newer interface that sports a launcher with no tile space and live animations. The applications related to taskbars have been centered in position and looks perfect for a mobile device. Concerning the updates for the OS, Windows 10X sports a smooth flowing experience and is way better than the current mechanism of functioning.


Furthermore, the software has come up with a bunch of newer and cooler features that are sure to improve your user experience and take it to another level altogether. So, this new feature, which has been termed as Spanning by Microsoft has a specific way of working. If you seem to open an application on a particular side, then that application will open on that side only. Furthermore, you can adjust the positioning of this app, just through the touch of your fingers, and center it, if you wish to use both the screens.


Another amazing feature by Windows, worth mentioning and new to the arena is Wunderbar. It’s not the first time you might have heard this if you have been an avid Mac user. So, how this works is, if a user selects a particular keyboard, Windows 10X will detect the same and switch the second screen to the Wunderbar mode.

This feature is very similar to the touch bar on Mac, but unlike the touch bar, Wunderbar has a lot more perks to it and almost, no shortcomings. There is sufficient space to watch videos, you can open another application on the second screen or; even use the second screen space up as your keyboard while browsing through the first.

These are the few new things which are new to the Windows world but still, are yet to be developed and are in the process of the same. After the completion of these features; they will not only be wholesome but also will give a completely new meaning and experience to its users.

Which Apps Does Windows 10X Support?

As stated in the press release, Windows 10X will only be able to support the Universal Windows App under its roof. That means the applications that have always been compatible with Windows will be supported by 10X as well. These applications will be integrated in a way that it adapts to the operating system in use and this is the main reason; why Mac Apps do not work on Windows, and Windows Apps does not work in Linux.

Microsoft Office, Chromium Edge, and all other Apps that were previously compatible with Windows will be supported by 10X without any troubles or problems. As per the performance of these Apps has been considered; one will know only when they use it, after its launch in the coming year.


As per the latest reports from Microsoft, Windows 10X will make its debut anytime during Christmas, next year. Although, many sources have claimed that insider build-ins will be available to the public for testing, sometime during the mid of next year. Before 10X comes to the public forefront, there are various aspects that Microsoft is looking at perfecting. Right from the features to the App compatibility, everything is being tested and worked upon.

What about Windows 10 Users?

There is a slim chance that someday, Windows 10 users might be able to use 10X on normal computers as it is based out of the intel architecture, but that’s pretty farfetched as of now. Windows 10X is built and engineered for foldable computers and PCs and hence; Windows 10 users will not get any update for their existing PCs. This is also because 10X is a new concept that has not been introduced for normal computer users.

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